Thursday 16 January 2014


2014 you cheeky mistress. Where did you pop up from?

So I’ve decided to do monthly resolutions instead of a yearly one. Why? Well...
Because I can and because I want to...

But in all seriousness, keeping one yearly resolution is long and boring. I also feel I can do better than just one measly resolution for an entire 365 days…

I've picked things to do each month that in reality, I've always said I'll get around to doing...but never did.  You know the ones: Keeping fit, trying new things, going certain place etc, but this time I really want to try and to not only improve myself but to try and bloody stick to something! I give up so easily and I just want to spend this year seeing all these goals through!

Why the blog?

To try spur me on I guess? I want to try and post all my resolution happenings, along with photos, videos and probably tales of woe on here to share with the three people who will probably read this (Hi Mum...)

But to help me out, I've already planned my year out and decided which tasks to do in certain months (most depend on the weather really - so British)  Some are silly, some are going to be a lot of fun and some...well...some include me trying squid and tuna! (One month's resolution is to try a new food everyday)

Some goals will be repeated every month or be quite similar to other months such as exercise regimes and different workout targets etc. But I've also included a continuing resolution to try and visit different historical & tourist sites in London. I know, that’s an odd one. 

But considering I've lived near London my whole life, I haven’t gone to some of the most obvious and wonderful places this city has to offer. Examples? High Gate Cemetery, The National Art Gallery, Kensington Palace, The tower of freaking London! And so many many more!

(Seriously, where have I been?)

So each month I’ll be going to one or two of those lovely establishments with anyone who want to join me really.

So, as I was saying…

January – The goals are as follows

a k e a w a y   f r e e   m o n t h

Quite frankly, I’ve been eating a lot of rubbish lately that not only costs a bomb, but it makes you gain weight like nobody’s business. So instead, I’m going to save myself from ultimate doom and also some cash in the process.

E a t    h e a l t h i e r   t o   h e l p   w e i g h t  l o s s 

Does exactly what it says on the tin really…

r e a t   m y   f e e t

I honestly LOVE my feet being rubbed. It’s an illness. I know. Yet I haven't had any treatment on them in around six years (Obviously I look after them myself! They’re not some hobbit looking things – eurgh) But this year I’m going to treat them like the Queens they are. So each month I am allowing myself to a treatment or a massage or a pedicure or anything that means I get to sit for thirty minutes whilst my bad boy feet get pampered.

B e   a   L o n d o n    T o u r i s t

This month I would like to try and go to High gate cemetery (if the weather is not set to monsoon) but if the weather is horrific out then I will swap it with another months option, which will most likely be the National Gallery and the Tate

W o r k o u t

45 mins – 1 hour workout everyday (1 rest day a week) – As mentioned above  - Takeaway food x eating it all the time = Stupid weight gain – I am aiming to lose a stone (this figure may be edited soon enough)

G o   t o   t h e   G Y M 

Do one gym workout this month – Actually, I have already done this one. I’ve done it twice and I will be going again next week too. So…

N o   b u y i n g   c o s m e t i c s

I’ll take a photo of my cosmetic shelves…then you’ll understand why I’m doing this…
So. It’s halfway throughout the month and to be honest it’s all going really well. No takeaways have been consumed, healthy eating is going swimmingly. The only naughtiness I have actually had was last night, when I sneakily eat two Percy pigs and four biscuits. The shame.

But I’ve been to the gym twice this month and I’ve being working out every night for forty five minutes and though I haven’t weighed myself I can see I’m a lot….firmer? Is that the word I want? Haha – ew…that’s such an odd thought. 


Calm down Kirsty...


It’s going well. I have more energy, I feel happier and I’m seeing small results in body shape, so I couldn’t be happier.

Has anyone else got any New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they? It’s half way through the month, so have you stuck to them? 

Let me know!


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