Tuesday 13 May 2014

Blog Sale

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now as my poor little wardrobe is bursting at the seams (in all honesty, I need a new, BIGGER, wardrobe – but that will have to wait).

It appears that I have too many clothes (is that even possible?); particularly a bunch of clothes that have never been worn! Most of the time I cannot be bothered to do car boots or ebay stuff so I give a lot of clothes to charity. But the last two times I was actually turned away from two different charity shops because had too much stuff and didn't need any more donations! (What?!)

So here I am, blog sale-ing it up.

I have described everything as best I can, but if you need any more information, please let me know.

Postage and packaging is £3 (If you buy more than one item, I’ll see what I can do with the postage prices and let you know if I can get it cheaper!)

Paypal payments only :) (Can you please send the money as ‘send as a gift’ to avoid any charges!)

No refunds - sorry!

And so, let the blog sale commence!

Miss Luxe Skater Dress

Size 12 (Please note: This is quite a small size 12, maybe even a size 10?)

Never worn

Tags still on

My Price: £8

RRP £12.99 (See here: http://missluxe.co.uk/jess-wine-skater-dress.html)

Really nice quality dress, the material is a textured waffle print which isn't thin so the dress isn't see through.

Karma Clothing Cropped Jumper

Size - M

Never worn

Tags still on

My Price: £6

Perfect and lightweight for summer and such nice quality too. The only reason I'm selling is because I don't wear cropped tops (I'm very tall - it just looks odd haha)

Urban Outfitters (I think) Black Floral Lace Skater dress

Size - 12-14 

Worn once

My Price: £10

RRP: £30

Great quality dress that has only been worn once. A petticoat is underneath which means the dress isn't see through. The dress has a dropped V back.

The back of the dress

Upper Fifth Cardigan (Topshop Concession) 

Size - Large (Not a big large though, I'd say a M-L) 

Worn once

My Price: £12

RRP: £45

Great quality Cardigan that has only been worn once. I LOVE the button! Great detailing!

Asos Aztec Parker Coat

Size - 12

Worn a handful of times but in perfect condition

My Price: £13

RRP: £45

I really like this coat but I just don't think it suits me. It's not too heavy and can be pulled off as a spring coat too. It has a large collar which I loved as a statement piece. 

Long Boyfriend Blazer from H&M

Size - 12

Worn a handful of times, but in perfect condition.

My Price: £10

RRP: £25

This is a 3/4 length blazer, so it'll go past your bum (and maybe a little further depending on your height). It's perfect for summer, the material is great quality and as you as see it has been darted, so it compliments your figure! I wore it for evenings out or day time shopping with light jeans! (The sleeves are full length too! I just rolled them up).

Collectif 1950's Pinup Dress with Red Dogtooth detailing

Size - 10

Brand new without tags

My Price: £18 

RRP: £45

I bought this for a special occasion a year ago, but sadly, someone I knew liked my dress so much, they went out and bought the exact same one! I didn't then want to wear it to the special occasion and be a twin with someone, so it's sadly just sat in my wardrobe until now! This dress deserves to be strutted around town and given the life it deserves! I hope it goes to a good home!

River Island Black Cotton Blouse with White Collar detailing

Size - 12

Brand new with tags/Never worn

My Price: £13 

RRP: £35

This is a brand new blouse from River Island from last year. It's never been worn and still has the tags on. The cotton is soft and light, perfect for spring/summer. I love the white collar/ribbon detailing with the gold top button, it's a great piece. Why am I selling it? It's just a little on the large size for me. This could easily fit a 12 -14.

If you see anything you like, feel free to leave me a comment and we can discuss it all a bit further over a nice cup of tea :)


  1. That H&M blazer is just too gorgeous!x


    1. Thank you lovely! I think so too! Hopefully it will get a good home :) x


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