Thursday 9 October 2014

Sunny Sunday Brighton Adventure.

There were a few Chinese whispers going around last weekend that we may actually have some decent weather on Sunday. I’m not usually one for believing the hype surrounding British weather but when I woke on Sunday morning, the sun indeed, was out and looking fabulous.

One of my friends suggested that we should visit Brighton for the day and make the most of the lovely weather, so off we went on a little Brighton adventure.

After a drama free drive down we were lucky enough to find a perfect parking spot practically straight away, so off we trotted around the small cobbled streets of Brighton.

We first headed to the Lanes, where I was in my element for yummy food and drinks! There are several bakeries, sweet shops and tea shops dotted around in such close proximity; I didn’t know where to visit first.

After perusing numerous music shops and independent clothing stores we decided to go get some food from Bill’s.

Bill’s was packed full of people, all enjoying some Sunday lunch together. It had such a lovely vibe going on we didn’t mind waiting 10 minutes to be seated, which was great choice because the food and employees were fantastic.

As always, I had to order their beef burger with Monterey Jack cheese, but the highlight was the chips! I’m not usually a massive fan of potato based goodies, but these crunchy and salty delights were easy to chow down on.

I also ordered a small glass of Merlot, which was smooth, fruit and just down right heavenly. Even my friend said it was the best wine he had ever tasted (The red wine was called Cosecha Tarapaca merlot from Chile if you want to hunt it down yourself!).

After sampling the delights that Bill’s had to offer, we headed down to the sea front and onto the beach to throw a few stones in the sea. I wasn’t really wearing the most appropriate shoes (flat, velvet, ballerina pumps) so I had to hold on to my friends arm whilst he dragged me around the hilly, stoney beach. I obviously looked amazing.

We then took a long stroll down the pier, where we played a very intense game of pac man air hockey and afterwards took a ride on the Horror Hotel.

Even though I had a massive craving for churros, I resisted every temptation to buy a truck load of them on Brighton Pier so I felt very proud of myself. That was until we took another walk back down the lanes and visited Catwalk Cakes where we got these Salted caramel and fudge beauties. (Note: They are very, very sweet, but very delicious! One can be easily shared between two people as they're so rich).

As the day was drawing to a close (we had walked around for over 5 hours) we decided to start the drive back home, but that was until my friend said they wanted to visit the Rockery in Preston Park to have a little exploration. So off we went on another mini adventure.

All in all, it was a lovely little adventure to be had and a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday.

I hope you all had a few cheeky adventures last weekend. Let me know what you got upto!

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