Tuesday 17 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

If you weren't aware, this week’s edition of Elle magazine has a free sample of Roller Lash from Benefit inside (Praise the lawd!) and as it was Valentine’s Day last Saturday, I decided to treat myself (and my sister and mother) to this new edition to the Benefit family.

As I follow (stalk) Benefit on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I felt very up to speed with what the Roller Lash mascara was about and what is was created to do, but if you are not let me try to enlighten you. Roller Lash is the new edition to the fabled Benefit collection and is designed to enhance your lovely lashes by ‘curling’ them (I think it has something to do with the new fandangle wand and it resembling old hair curlers?…anyway...)

As a self-confessed eyelash curler extraordinaire (I even carry a spare eyelash curler in my handbag…eep) I didn't hold out much hope this newbie. Don’t get me wrong, I love Benefit products and I cannot fault their ‘They’re Real’ mascara, but I just didn't think anything could compare to the good old faithful eyelash curler.


This is not your standard, flick a bit of ‘sarca on and be done type of deal; there’s a process and a lot of dedication to be had. You really have to work this product into the bottom of your lashes and wiggle your way up, whilst separating and maneuvering along the way. But trust me; the results are instantaneous and very dramatic.

Now, I'm no wilting wallflower, so I decided to apply two coats and see what the effect was. Though there wasn't a huge difference from the first application, it definitely improved the first attempt and covered more of the lashes and moved lashes into my desired place.


Whilst a lot of mascaras seem to lose their va va voom throughout the day, I can happily say that Roller Lash keeps your lashes curled much longer than most mascaras I’ve tried. Throughout the weekend I had several compliments on my lashes and I’m super impressed that other people actually noticed them.


If you have ever used the Benefit They’re Real mascara, you will know the removal struggle is real. The hard work and perseverance you needed to remove that product was something to behold…it is intense stuff! However, I found Roller Lash easier to remove and even came off with a drugstore eye makeup remover!


I am in love. I’ll admit it. I want the world to know. My lashes fan out more, they’re curled more, it has a long lasting effect, there is definitely a ‘wow’ factor and I felt like fluttering my eyelashes like a flirtatious Disney Princess. 

The only negative I can muster is that my lashes are curled so much that I did get some transfer of product on to my brow bone throughout the day. But if you’re like me and have oily as hell skin, you can easily wipe that stuff with some tissue and no one would ever know.

So if you haven’t already, you can pick up an Elle Magazine today for £4 and receive a free sample of this magnificence and mighty mascara. 


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