Wednesday 15 April 2015

Superfood Super Smoothie

As my last smoothie recipe received so much positive feedback, I thought I would share another one. I won’t lie, the end result of this smoothie doesn't look as appetizing as the one before (Because lets face it, who wants to drink a brownish/purplish smoothie? Anyone? No? Thought not...) but I promise this is one tasty little concoction that will tantalize anyone's taste buds.

You will need:

A handful of porridge oats – Great to keep you full until lunch

Half an avocado – Full of good fats and potassium (not to mention it tastes amazing)!

A handful of frozen blueberries (You can use fresh blueberries but using frozen ones means you don't have to add ice and waste valuable space!) – Low on the GI scale and the God Father of Superfoods!

A tea spoon of Chia seeds - Great for fibre and Protein!

50ml of Orange juice – High in Vitamin C

The juice of half a lemon – Helps flush out toxins!

A tea spoon of honey - Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal…anti - you name it!

A handful of Kale – High in Iron and Vitamin K

Seeds of your choice (I used pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with pine nuts)

2 tea spoons of Goji Berries – Booster for your immune system and full of antioxidants

A handful of Spinach - High in Vitamin K and Iron

To ensure your smoothie is as smooooooooooth as possible, put the oats, seeds/nuts (including the chia seeds) and Goji berries in your blender first and blend them together to create a powder.

Add your orange juice and a dash of water and mix together with the powder to create a smooth base for your other ingredients.

Once that step is done, chuck the rest of your ingredients in and blend away!

I know, I know, it doesn't look that appetizing, but it will do you the world of good! You’ll be left with a wonderfully tasty, creamy Superfood Super Smoothie that is filling and packed full of goodness!

I personally love this recipe as the avocado is a great alternative to Banana, which adds that creaminess! It’s a lovely fresh drink and a great way to get more vegetables and other goodness in your diet!

What is your favorite smoothie recipe? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I'm trying to be a bit healthier this summer so will definitely have to try this out!x


    1. Good luck on your healthier Summer! I'm doing the same, so anything that's simple to do (like smoothies) I'm all over!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. Is it tasty? Looks super healthy!

    1. I'm a fan! I love avocado and blueberries though, so I'm a bit biased! xx

  3. I love a good smoothie, such an easy way to get lots of vitamins and goodness in. This one sounds delicious, I love using avocado too, creamy smoothie for the win! :)


    1. Exactly! Super quick, easy and healthy! What could be better?! I adore avocado! Yum! xx


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