Wednesday 13 May 2015

Food, friends, inadequacy & hangovers

May is shaping up to a very busy month for me indeed. Not only is it my mums, sisters and my best friend’s birthday, I’m off  to Budapest for a long weekend for my friends hen do in a few days and I’ve also got my driving test in a week. 

I’m              not               prepared              for              anything

Along with all the above, my job has been so excruciatingly busy these last three weeks that everything seems to be going by in a complete blur. I’ve started to feel as if my brain has not switched off and I’m wondering how the heck I’m managing to juggle all of this. I’m somewhat impressed but also extremely worried that I’m forgetting something. Something very, I don't know? Knowing how to drive?!?


I’ve also taken a massive step back from blogging these last few weeks. After a year and a bit of blogging I’ve hit that point where I’ve started comparing myself to other bloggers and after a good binge session of stalking and commenting on people’s posts, I usually feel quite lousy and inadequate at the end of it. I think every blogger, heck, every person goes through this every once in a while, so I’m just going to hold back until I feel happy enough to go back to blogging properly…whenever that maybe.

I don’t want to disappear completely from this online community, so I thought I’d dip my toes back in with an catch up blog. As usual, it contains a lot of food pictures…sorrynotsorry.

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I take a heck load of photos don't I?

So far, this entire month has been full of London adventures, seeing friends, terrible hangovers, pampering sessions, food glorious food and a barrel loads of selfies. And I've still got so much to come.


How has your month been so far? Is any one else as stressed as I am? I bloody well hope not! If you've got this far, feel free to leave your blog link in the comment as I love finding new people to stalk.

ALSO. If you have any blogs that will help me get ready for a wedding that would be helpful. I need outfit ideas. Fashion bloggers - send help!


  1. Mmm, all of that food looks very yummy, aha! (:


    1. Aw thanks love, it was! Though the weighing scales don't appreciate it much ;) x


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