Wednesday 27 August 2014


Yesterday evening after work, my best friend asked my sister and I to go over his house to help him do his ice bucket challenge. Within 24 hours, three people had nominated him to take part in the challenge and because he's such a good sport, he decided to have three buckets of ice water poured over him, one for each of the people who nominated him.

Not only was I going to get the chance to pour a bucket of ice cold water over my best friend, I also got to dress up in my cat kigu! 

I'd said that's a pretty great evening all in all.


I genuinely did feel awful pouring the ice water over him, which you can hopefully see in this below picture. 

But that feeling soon wore off and all sympathy escaped from my being and I decided instead that I should stick some more ice cubes into his kigu. Like the good friend I am.

What are friends for?

I’m sure you can all guess what happened next.

After he had finished his challenge, my friend then decided to nominate my sister and I to take part in the challenge as well. 

As we were all there, all suited and booted, Emma and I decided to do our ice bucket challenge straight away. 

We didn’t really plan the whole situation that well and the whole thing was really just a catalogue of errors. I genuinely couldn’t hear a thing my sister said which explains all of this ---> (link to the video is here)

For a while, I was umm’ing and arhh’ing about this challenge and worrying if I should do it or not. I for one, hate wasting resources and I completely understand that there are people in this world who would love some ice cold water to drink instead of watching us spoiled Westerners throwing it all over the joint. I get that. I really do.

But, I also can’t imagine the sheer pain and heartbreak that is involved with any neurodegenerative disease as I've never experienced it or met anyone with it. And before this worldwide ice bucket challenge came about, I had never even heard of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease.

There’s always going to be a catch 22 when doing anything in life. You're never going to please everyone with your actions and there are always going to be people out there who think you’re doing wrong, even when you’re trying to do right. You just can't please them all.

But aside from all the politics, I'm glad I did it. I've read up on ALS and other Motor Neurone Diseases, I've looked into the charities that help support these diseases, I've enjoyed watching and taking part in a fun challenge and I've donated to the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association

To help ease my conscience a little bit, my sister and I used the same ice that my friend had used previously and I have also vowed to miss a shower this week to counteract my water wastage (I know it sounds silly but I’m being serious - I'd like to think it will help).

If you would like to take part but don’t want to throw ice water over your head (which I wouldn't blame you for) you can donate using the below links:

You can give directly to the American charity ALSA here

Or you can donate to the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association here

Or failing that, you can just text ICED55 to 70070 to donate £5 (only available in the UK) which will go towards the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Whatever you decide to do, go for it. You won't receive no judgements here. Just chose happiness :) 

I hope you're having a lovely day. Kiss, kiss!


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