Friday 22 August 2014

Two weeks in pictures.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you're all well.

It's officially winter. I say officially, I just mean by my standard it's winter. There has been zero sunshine, cold winds and a lot of rain, for me, that's more than enough reasons for me to go into hibernation.

So here it is again, a pictures blog post. 

I really do love doing this type of blog post. One, it gets rid of all the photos on my phone and two, I get to remember all the cheeky little adventures I've had these last couple of weeks, I think that's a win win situation. 

I joined my gym back in April and it's the first gym I've ever signed up to; I've always worked out, but not using specific equipment and what not. I usually go to the gym after work or at the weekends which is really gruelling: it's busy, hot, I'm shattered and I have to take all my makeup off before going to make sure I don't look like the scream mask when I exit the building. So last week my sister suggested that we go in the mornings. We would have to get there for 6:20am to make sure we got an hours work out in and to make sure we get ready for work in time. At first, I was quite daunted by this suggestion but I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the early starts and I think this will become our new gym routine. The gym is cool, empty and I don't have any makeup on to worry about! I also have more energy throughout the day and when I get home in the evenings I can do whatever I want, no more gym guilt. 

These protein bars have really helped with the morning gym routine. I hate working out on an empty stomach so they give me a boost of energy to get me through the morning regime whilst filling me up, but not making me feel heavy or stuffed. 

I know it is so important to eat well and healthy and blah blah blah when trying to lose weight and workout, but I really like naughty food. However, I'm not too terrible, I like my healthy food too. So heres a few cheeky snaps of some healthy and not so healthy meals I've scoffed over the last two weeks.

At the beginning of August I got to see Blink 182 at the O2 Academy in Brixton. I am a huge fan of Blink and have been for at least fourteen years, so I was one chuffed little mare seeing them live again. 

I never usually take photos or videos when at gigs as I'm a firm believer in living for the moment and enjoying the atmosphere when you're there....the problem with this is (which I highlighted in my previous blog post) I have the shortest memory and I usually can't recollect anything from the gig or show! So I did end up getting a few short videos and one or two blurred photos.

I also had my first ever beer! Don't get me wrong, I've had a sip of beers throughout my drinking years but I've always hated the taste so I never drank a whole pint of it. However, after queuing, for what seemed like a lifetime to get a drink, they told me they had sold out of cider. Blasphemy. So my sister talked me into getting a beer with black and said it would be exactly the same as cider and black...

...but it wasn't the same, it was gross and it tasted like buttered toast in a glass. Eurgh. Safe to say, I will never have that again. Anyway, the cider problem was resolved on our next visit to the bar and I got happily merry on some cider and black. Yum.

Also, it was so unbearably hot in the O2, hotter than I've ever experienced at a gig. Everyone was sweating unbelievable amounts and I genuinely thought I might pass out from the heat; it was tropical. There was a mad rush to get outside and get some air after the gig had ended, I'm surprised no one was crushed.

Once we eventually got outside, it was pouring with rain, which I couldn't of cared about as it was cooling me down splendidly. You can see the transition from us being inside to outside in the below two photos.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and I was so happy to spend it with some of my good mates.

Two of my good friends also had their engagement party this month, which was just a bundle of fun. It consisted of getting very merry, dancing to metal in front of both of their families, having a lock in, playing truth or dare, throwing water over a topless (and very beautiful) man and getting home around 4am. Best engagement party ever! 

Below are just a few random snaps from these two weeks. Looking back, it's been a lovely time and I'm excited for this bank holiday weekend to be exactly the same.

My hair is only took five years to grow it out!

I had a very lovely/messy evening with one of my besties last Friday. This is her in the background being highly sociable before we headed out. The eejit.  

Me and my fav ever - Emski <3

This book was bought for me by one of my colleagues at work. He said he saw it in a book shop at the weekend and had to buy it for me. Obviously I love it!

Short story: Went away from my desk at work, came back and there was a dead squirrel in a hole puncture...My work mates are fab :/

 My little man managed to tuck himself into bed. Cuteness overload.

And lets end this blog with a beautiful sky at dusk...Bye!


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