Monday 6 July 2015

Summer Primark Haul

What the hell has happened in the UK lately? Summer has officially arrived and we have been blessed with some absolutely gorgeous weather. Can you believe that London reached temperatures of 35 degrees last week?!? 

Phowar, it was a bit warm.

If you're anything like me, you would not have been prepared for this hell fire weather and would of most definitely struggled to dress yourself for an entire week in different clothes that didn't create a sweaty puddle around your feet.

I really needed to add a few summer essentials to my wardrobe and I always find Primark is a great place to do that. If I ever need long, summery, flowy (is that a word?) summery items, I always seem to find them here! They always seem to be long enough and they don't break the bank, so I thought I'd share my summery purchases with you lot.

*Here's a lil game you can play: Spot the burnt dry grass, me blinking in a photo and my cat making his first fashion haul d√©but...I'm such a professional blogger. So swish n' all that.

Stripped Mini Dress - £8 || Hat - H&M - years ago!

Long Black & White Print Dress - £8

Double split Aztec Print Maxi Skirt** - £6 || Top - River Island - £12

Long Navy Dress - £8

White Heeled Sandals - £5 

Are you enjoying the weather? More prepared than me I hope!

**It would be a Maxi skirt on any one below 5.9ft but it's a bit of a midi skirt on my lanky self.


  1. 35 degrees over there?!! That's hot hot hot. I adore those white sandals. :]
    // ▲ ▲

    1. I know right?! I was baking haha! Thank you darling! x

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  3. I love that printed stripy dress. You look great in these outfits! It has been SO hot recently - I've been bulk-buying crop tops and skirts for the last couple weeks as I didn't have anything weather-appropriate! xx

    1. I have to say, that's my favorite one! I wish I could fit into crop tops, I'd do the same! But I shouldn't have complained about the's rubbish now haha! x

  4. You look great in all the pictures!
    Great finds:)

  5. Great finds! I love every piece!

    1. Aw! Thank you love!! Shame that the weather has turned awful now haha x


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