Friday 4 September 2015

An Instant Instagram Filter for your Face?

A few months ago I was approached by a PR team who asked me to try out one of their products. Like many of you, I’ve been offered my fair share of odd products to review (one PR team asked me to review a frying pan set) so I’m usually quite weary when I’m messaged by any PR team.

However, one email in particular stood out amongst the sea of spam due to its captivating subject line ‘An Instant Instagram Filter for your Face’. Before I say anything about this product, let’s just give the PR company a massive round of applause for knowing how to grab a gal's attention. Kudos! But once I set my intrigue aside, I found myself doubting their bold statement. Without sounding like a know it all, I feel as if I would have heard about a makeup product that gives you an Insta filter for your face...I think we all would have. So how have I never heard of this product before?! With such bold claims about this product, I just had to see what it was all about.

The product in question is called New Magic Minerals Powder by Jerome Alexander. It boasts the ability to cover and conceal blemishes, age spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone, whilst of course, giving you that perfect Instant Instagram filtered face.

I’m going to be completely honest, when I opened the parcel I felt slightly disappointed by the packaging; it looked cheap, the ‘As Seen on TV’ logo felt gimmicky and the 90's vibe was a tad dated. But once I moved past the packaging and I opened up the product to reveal the powder inside, I was greeted by a colourful collection of spots all over a skin toned powder. Unbeknownst to me, these little spots are called ‘Colour Correctors’ which are supposedly meant to hide skin imperfections instantly. 

If I’m ever asked to review something I like to think that I take that task pretty seriously. I don’t just use a product once and write a post about it. Oh noooooo. I’m in it for the long haul and with that being said, I must have used this product nearly every day for a month just to see if these claims were true. 

o, did this powder give me the most perfect Instant Instagram Filtered face? No. Of course not. The logistics behind creating a product that made you look ‘perfect’ all the time is impossible and not to mention we would all look crazy weird with a constant filtered face.


(Please don’t click off just yet)

Aside from that, this a really good powder.

As y’all may know, I have very oily skin along with terrible dry patches (because God does not want me to have flawless Beyonce skin) which means trying to find a powder that keep the oiliness at bay along with not drying me out is a task that is tiresome and sad. However, this somehow does it. I couldn’t really tell if the ‘Colour Correctors’ actually did anything as I couldn’t see a dramatic difference in my skin tone etc, however, I did get quite a few compliments whilst wearing this make up, which is always a bonus.

The powder is lightweight to wear, it doesn't change colour halfway through the day, it keeps oiliness at bay, it's relatively inexpensive (retailing at £9.99) and not to mention it comes with a handy little brush!  Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, most definitely. Would I purchase this product again? You betcha! I actually really enjoyed using this product and was sad when I accidentally smashed the flaming bejangles out of it all over my floor (RIP Magic Minerals).

So what do you think? Gimmick or glorious? Have you ever heard of this product before or have you ever used it? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear what think!

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