Tuesday 22 September 2015


Let’s just get this out the way. I’m a terrible blogger.

I was supposed to post this blog well over two months ago but low and behold, things, life, bits & bobs, (selfies with my cat) take over and my scheduling went out the window…so lets just completely ignore the fact that this post is two months late, I'm a terrible human and the fact that September is nearly over...


You’re probably thinking, why on earth would she dig up a post about an event she went to over two months ago? That’s a good question (Good for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!), the reason is that I truly and whole heartedly believe in this brand that showcased this event and felt like I had to do a post about them.

If I'm honest, there's only a few things in life I'm truly passionate about and that's food, cats, sleep, bargains and vegan products!

Back in August I was invited to a launch event for Stvdio5 in their pop up store in Old Street Station in London. Stvdio5 teamed up with a few other brands such as TerreVerdi (another organic beauty brand) and Bysun (a handmade luxury ladies wear brand).

Stvdio5 are a 100% vegan, London based beauty company who rivals the likes of Lush (and lets face it, we all love a bit of Lush!). Not only do they have amazing smelling products like bath truffles, candles, face cleansers and moisturizers, their products are affordable, natural and paraben/alcohol free!

Not only do they have fantastic products, they have a wonderfully refreshing business mantra which they call ‘Best of British’. They elaborate further on their website with the following statement: 

We need your support and encouragement to change consumer consciousness. We are NOT against large-scale High Street companies, but we do believe that buying from us will create a community of people who are passionate about NATURAL AND HANDMADE British products’. 

Then continuing their passionate declaration with:

Respect your money, respect your skin. Buy natural, buy British’.

This company is run by Antonio Pisanelli, who is one of the most nicest, hospitable and welcoming Brand Directors I’ve ever come across. Not only is his passion for his business evident when talking to him on social media or face to face, he’s very down to earth and gives bloggers a lot of time and respect.

All in all, I love this brand. Wholeheartedly. The ethics, the people and the products are all top quality and I’m so thankful Antonio invited me along to such a wonderful launch party. I would highly suggest you take a look at their website and try a few of their products, I personally love their bath truffles, which are always a welcome addition to any bath time escapade.

I try to use vegan products wherever I can and it’s companies like Stvdio5 that make is so easy to do! If you’d like to find out more information feel free to head on over to their website here.

(You can stalk all the other bloggers who went and their opinions by searching the hashtag #stvdio5inwonderland on Twitter)

Have you ever tried any of Stvdio5's products? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below! If you haven't, are these the sort of products you'd like to try? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!

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