Tuesday 1 July 2014

June in Pictures

Well June has been one busy little month! I feel like I've been pulled from pillar to post but it has been totally worth it. The sun was shining for the majority of June meaning lots of adventures have been had. I can't see July being a relaxed one either, but I shan't complain.

Baby love:

This month, my family were able to announce some wonderful news as my sister celebrated her baby shower! Yes, that's right, I'm going to be an Aunt for the first time and I am absolutely besotted with the little one and he's not even arrived yet!

It was a lovely, sunny day and my sister and her little fella got absolutely spoiled. I swear he doesn't need any more clothes for another two years! (But I just can't stop buying him stuff!)

He's going to be spoilt rotten.

This is cute little newborn starter pack I got my sister from Marks and Spencer (along with hundreds of other gifts) And, yes, that is my sister hiding behind the baby grows but I know she wouldn't want to be shown on here so I'll let her hide - just incase you think I'm terrible at taking photos!)

The Nursery.

Some other little bits I got (I really should of done a baby haul) "Hello Little one"

Me, in my Pj's, in the middle of the night, at my sister flat, taking the pram for a spin. I love it and I can't wait to the little one is all snuggled up in there. Nice milk maid braid, right?

Adventure time:

This month I also jetted off to the Isle of Wight festival after winning tickets for the weekend with Hard Rock London twitter competition.

I brought my sister (the non pregnant one) along and we had a fantastic time. The weather was stunning, the people were great and of course, I got to see so many amazing bands, but most importantly, I got to see my favourite band play; The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I may of got burnt as well...

6am wake up call on the last day after no sleep...Can you tell?

 My glowing tan. Ouch.

Work adventures in Osterley park:

Best friend birthday adventures:

(That tan is still glowing...gawd!) 

Sister adventures:

The one and only nice photo of me and my sister at her birthday meal along with her friend Kerry <3

Food love:

I've been on a major health kick this month (which, as always, goes to pot at the end of the month) but for three solid weeks, I was a utter diamond with healthy eating. Here's a few of the lush dishes I had this month.

A few healthy breakfasts:

A few yummy dinners:

Stuffed flat mushrooms with spinach and lashings of garlic.

Lettuce wraps with halloumi, red and green peppers, mushrooms and homemade guacamole. 

Sirloin steak cooked medium rare with rocket salad, grilled mushroom, grilled pepper and homemade guacamole. 

Lettuce wraps filled with red and orange peppers, halloumi cheese and garlic hot sauce.

Grilled halloumi with garlic spinach with chorizo and mushrooms and rice.

 Roast potatoes with spinach and garlic.

Portobello mushrooms with garlic prawns, green and red peppers and rice.

Naughty treats

My favourite cupcake of all time; Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Good god it's heaven!

Some ombre treats I made

Cat love:

One of my cats, Fattie (Yes, that is his real name), was very ill these last few months. I am a lover of all animals, but my cats are my fur babies and I would do anything I could for them (sad act, I know).

So the fact he was so ill, for so long, truly worried the bejaysus out of me. I know they're not getting any younger (I think they're 12 this year!) but I'm not ready to lose one just yet.

Thankfully, I don't know how or why, but Fattie has made a complete recovery. Everyday I wake with bated breath hoping he hasn't had a relapse but so far so good!

So here's a little dedication to my lil Fat Man.

Well, Hello ladies....


 Fattie is not a fan of Metallica...

These are the new collar tags I had to get Fattie and his brother Bubba. I had an inkling some eejit was feeding them certain food that wasn't agreeing with them so I had to get these tags specially made. The guy who made them asked 'What kind of cats do you have? Lions'. I thought this would be common practice to stop people feeding other peoples cats? Obviously not!

And I look even more like a mad cat lady.

Nail love:

I'm trying my hardest to become a nail art virtuoso, but it's a lot harder than it looks! I really enjoy doing my nails as it's just a little bit of me time, so I don't mind spending time on them. Hopefully soon my skills will grow and I'll be the Monet of nail art!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of pictures and ramblings; it's what I do best. 

I hope you had a lovely June and lets hope July will be even better.


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