Friday 14 March 2014

Competition wins Feb/March

Here is an update on my latest wins.

Happy comping everyone :) 

Sweetheart Marketing Twitter competition 

Beauty Works Twitter competition - Fish tail braid hair band - The ladies at this company were so helpful. They tried four times to match the braid to the colour of my hair, great service. Thanks again ladies!

Milton Lloyd perfumes - I didn't realise I would receive this many! They smell divine.

Nspa Twitter competition - I love Shea Butter so much and this doesn't disappoint; it's so moisturising.

Blooms Gin Twitter Competition - x2 Gin and Tonic  - Cannot wait to try these!

SportsID Twitter competition - SportsID, you made my pancake day with this win! It tasted like a homemade batter - thanks so much.

Karma Clothing Twitter competition - Crop top/jumper - Great quality light jumper but I just do not suit crop tops (I'm very tall so it looks like I'm wearing kids clothes) (Before anyone loses their rag - I didn't have a choice with what I won, it was a surprise)

Thomas Cook Twitter competition - £200 holiday vouchers!!!!! Such an amazing prize, I'm still in shock!

Lavera Twitter Competition - Great deodorant, but sadly the smell of it has triggered several migraines. I am a migraine sufferer anyway, so I have given this to a friend and they have said it's a great product.

Big Strawberry Twitter competition - Ipad Mini case (it obviously had to be the cat cover).

GFCandles Twitter Competition - So cute and cinnamon scented - I haven't burned it yet, I think it's too lovely!

Vape Inc Twitter competition - For the record, I do not, in anyway want to glorify smoking, it's an awful habit and I need to stop. However, I won this and seen as I smoke occasionally, I thought I'd give it a go. I don't actually think it's an E-cigarette, I think it's more like a portable shisha pipe (which is so much cooler in my eyes). I asked for Cherry Flavoured tobacco and it tastes lovely, very similar to a proper shisha pipe. 

J Jacaman Wines Twitter competition - I only received this the other day, it's a '2004 J Jacaman Russian River Valley Pinot Noir – deemed 'Cali’s Best' supposedly - either way - I'm excited to try it.

Glorious Foods Twitter Competition - £25 love to shop vouchers (and two 50p off glorious food vouchers).

BakerDays Twitter competition - Letterbox cake (Again, I obviously got the cat one) and I got to write my own little message on it (CAT PUN AND FACE)

Miss Luxe Twitter competition - Waffle Red Skater Dress - I was genuinely surprised by the quality of this dress, their photos do NOT do it justice. I would usually put a photo up of me wearing the item of clothing I have won, however...

This dress is tiny...really tiny

I am a size 10/12 so I thought I'd ask for a 12 just to be sure...but this dress would easily fit a size 8, I could barely get it on! I'm going to assume their clothing is for a more 'petite' lady and not for anything like all in all...a sad time indeed.

So that's my wins so far...have you won anything this month?

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