Thursday 6 March 2014

March Resolutions

A new month is upon us which means I need to attempt some new monthly resolutions.
Every resolution I didn’t complete last month shall be brought over to this month; not one resolution shall be left behind! 

But this month, there's going to be some changes! No more half hearted attempts, no more excuses, this time, I'm going all out.

I can do this! Bring on the March Resolutions!
L e a r n   a   l a n g u a g e

(Spanish or Italian) must practice for two hours daily. WOW! I was feeling very ambitious back in December when I wrote this! I need to get a shimmy on…
As I’m late starting my new resolutions this month I'm going to start this resolution on the 10th of March. This will give me time to order materials and actually find some programs and apps that will help me learn.
I have decided I am going to try to learn Spanish (emphasis on try). Even though I’ve been to Italy more and will more than likely go there again in the future, I’ve picked Spanish (I'm so logical I know...) Why? Well Spanish is more widely spoken, so I’d like to think that whatever Spanish I do learn I may have more of a chance to use it...
Anyone used this app before? Do you have any recommendations for apps or books?

B e   a   L o n d o n   T o u r i s t
I have two trips to make this month as I didn't do one last month (sadly the shopping trip to Stratford doesn't count - drat).
This month I’ll be going to the Tower of London and to Highgate Cemetery; I have no specific dates for when I'll visit them both but they both have to be done on a weekend and when the weather is somewhat decent.
It’s quite pricey to go to the Tower of London (£22 on the door, £20.90 online for an adult) so I’ll have to book it pretty soon as I’ll be quite poor by the end of the month!

Tower of London
Highgate cemetery costs £12 for admission to both the West and East Cemetery (this price includes a tour of the West Cemetery as you cannot enter the west side without a tour, so this is the best price to see both sides). I’ll most likely be going there this weekend as the weather should be nice!
Egyptian Avenue at Highgate Cemetery 
The weather this weekend in London
T r e a t   m y   f e e t
     Oh, don’t you worry, my little beauties are getting treated! I’m having a pedicure tomorrow evening and I’ve had two treatments on them since January. My feeties love me so much right now. (My hands are getting treats too...)      

      G o   t o   t h e   G Y M  x1
      I was lucky enough to win a free pass to my local gym last week, so that’ll be quite handy for this. I’ll try and blog about it when I do go, which will probably be one evening next week once I get over my cold/flu debacle.
      G o    s w i m m i n g
     Originally, I suggested to go swimming twice in the month of March but during February I was supposed to go swimming three times…and kinda I didn’t…so now they’ve been brought over to this month…

2 + 3 = a lot of swimming
      I want to wait until next week to start this resolution as I still have a bit of a cold hanging on and I don’t think swimming will help me get better!
N o   b u y i n g   c o s m e t i c s
     I was SO close to buying a bottle of hair conditioner yesterday as I’m in such short supply of it right now but thankfully my will power kicked in and I stopped myself before breaking another one of my resolutions 5 days in!
I know I have a few samples lying around that I can use up before I have absolutely nothing left, but I really need to try and win some conditioner ASAP! 

But seriously, anyone want to help me out?!
L i f t   w e i g h t s 

...Every day for 30 minutes for one monthMy two problem areas on my body are my tummy and my arms. I have a lil flabby belly and I have bat wings...

I know, I know, I’m gorgeous.

The thing is, I find it easy to tone my tummy, I’m just too lazy do it! However, I really hate doing work outs on my arms, especially lifting weights. I’m very double jointed in my arms so they tend to bend quite far back at my elbows, which subsequently has put a strain on my elbows over the years, which have resulted in them clicking a lot.

Does this look normal to you?

To help with this clickiness, I have decided to go see an osteopath to see if anything can be done about my weird bendy elbows. This doesn’t mean I won’t be doing this resolution; oh no! I’ll be using the following videos to help me along:

T r y i n g   N e w   F o o d 

I’m also going to continue to try new food throughout this month; I’ve really enjoyed this resolution so far and I still want to try everything on my list.

F o o d   I   w a n t   t o   t r y

Star Fruit
Dragon Fruit
Battered Mars Bar
Pumpkin Pie
Set Honey
Tuna (I would like to try Tuna Steaks and not tinned tuna!)
Sweet potato pie

W h a t   I ' v e   t r i e d   s o   f a r 



This is Kale, sweet potatoes, broccoli, button mushrooms and lashings of chopped garlic


Goji Berry
Chocolate bar wrapped in a pancake

As healthy as it sounds...

R u n   a   t i m e d   6   m i l e s   l a p 

I didn’t finish this one last month so it’s been rolled over to this month.  The thing is, I'm not bad at running, I'm actually quite good at it; I'm just quite lazy! But no more!

I am aiming to run 6 miles in 45 minutes but I have a huge feeling I won’t hit that target at all, but I’m going to give it a go this Saturday morning! (I am dragging my poor sister along with me)

I have no plans, so no excuse…time to run!

Anything else to add?

This month I really need to organise some things in my life such as:

Organise my trip to America

Start looking for a wardrobe for my bedroom
Calculate how much it will be to decorate my room
Get some colour samples of paint for my room
Lose weight

March is going to be a very busy month.
I hope you're all good out there.

Is anyone else trying to keep up with their resolutions? Let me know cos' I seem to be the only one! 


  1. Such an interesting post, great pictures and fantastic resolutions! Also your blog is absolutely amazing, wanna follow each other? :) Keep in touch! x

    1. Hi lovely! Thank you so much for your kind words :) I really appreciate it!

      I've started following you on bloglovin - I tried to follow you on blogger but the button didn't work and came up with an error! I thought I should let you know.

      Love your nail posts btw <3

  2. love your blog!!xxx


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