Sunday 2 March 2014

Westfield Stratford - Forever 21/Primark/Yo Sushi/Bubbleology

As I’m still recovering from this beauty of a chest infection I didn’t really feel like trotting off to a historical London site. So instead, on Saturday I decided some retail therapy was in order at the Westfield in Stratford City.

Waking up

I live only around twenty minutes from the Westfields in White City so I felt a change was in order and as I’ve never been to the Stratford Westfield I thought this was a great idea…

My sister decided to be a complete beaut and drive us all the way to Stratford instead of training it from West to East London. Our sats navs told us the most direct route would be to go through central London, but of course we didn’t listen and instead we went round the M25 to get there.

Inevitably…we got lost…very lost…

This doesn't look like Stratford...???

How did we end up this far away?!

Once I had had a complete mental breakdown at our horrible and evil sat navs, we eventually (nearly 3 hours later!!!!!!) got to Stratford – how did it even take that long?!

May I just say, East London is a maze. There are no road names anywhere, just road numbers and there were no signs ANYWHERE for such a massive shopping center…I totally blame the entire East end of London for our direction fails!

Anyway, the Westfields in Stratford is humongous! It’s nothing like the dainty (in comparison) White City one. I found that the Stratford one wasn’t as grand as the White City one; there’s not as much opulence and space to move about as there is in White City. White City even has more shops! However, there is a Primark in the Stratford one so I think that makes it all even... ;)

I'm not advertising M&S I promise...

First shop – Forever 21

I love this shop so much; they have great designs, great quality clothes and they're quite cheap! I always find some mega bargains here. 

This specific store was MAHOOSIVE! But it was laid out really well; the jewelry and accessories section was like a bedroom - it was so cute! We found it very easy to spend nearly two hours in there - eep!

Chunky necklace - £4.90

White Aztec print cropped t-shirt with a small pocket - £12

Aztec print...(looks cream because of the lightening - oops)

Yo Sushi

I then got to try some Sushi for the first time. This meant I had to eat a lot of fish (why do I do this to myself?). I tried Salmon and Prawns again, as I’m clearly a glutton for punishment, but I really enjoyed the king battered prawns this time, the salmon…I still dislike.

Me trying prawns again and realising it tasted good...

99% of the food was absolutely delicious, but there was just one dish that I found hard to stomach, which was crispy salmon skin nori sushi…urgh.

Apart from that, everything was bursting full of bold flavors and rather filling; the Kaiso Salad was especially good – I loved all the flavors used with a hint of spice – it was light but so tasty. The minute steak was also great - definitely something to try if you haven’t been – it had a great texture & meaty flavor and even though it was somewhat raw, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kaiso salad on the right...

Minute steak...

Next, we headed off to Primark which was packed full of railings and clothes; there was hardly any room to move! It’s not the biggest or greatest Primark I’ve been to (I sound like such a Primark connoisseur?! – However, the Ealing one is fairly large with great lines and quality clothes and the Lakeside one side is huge and well laid out with nearly every line of clothes Primark has to offer). Regardless, I still ended up having a spend up and found some great bargains.

Mint capped sleeve blouse - £8

Light pink capped sleeve blouse - £8 

Aviator styled cropped jacket - £25 reduced to £10

(Leggings from ZARA £19.99)

Tortoiseshell sunglasses with gold arms and fabric case - £2

All black sunglasses with fabric case - £2

Black hair bands 30 pack - £1

Nail Gem wheel - £1
Eye lash curler with spare rubber band - £1

After the Primark extravaganza we took a walk around the shopping center – mind you, we didn’t venture too far as it was just so big and by this point it was nearly closing time!

But we did stumble across Bubbleology – a tea place I’ve been meaning to try for a while now (it seems to be the latest fad so I’m sure many of you have heard about it!).

I ordered the Pomegranate tea with tapioca balls and my sister got the Passion fruit and cucumber with tapioca balls. Both were incredible! I love tea anyway, especially green tea, and as green tea was one of the main ingredients of my drink, I was in heaven!

I’ve never tried tapioca before either but it was yummy! Some may find the sensation of drinking and eating some jelly like substance at the same time quite odd, but it was tasty as heck. Highly recommended!

After the tea and tapioca it was time to head home. This time round our sat navs decided to work correctly and bring us straight home so it took half the time – thank goodness!

It was a shattering day but a lot of fun was had by all...phew...I need to go to bed...Night Y'all!


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