Wednesday 27 August 2014


Yesterday evening after work, my best friend asked my sister and I to go over his house to help him do his ice bucket challenge. Within 24 hours, three people had nominated him to take part in the challenge and because he's such a good sport, he decided to have three buckets of ice water poured over him, one for each of the people who nominated him.

Not only was I going to get the chance to pour a bucket of ice cold water over my best friend, I also got to dress up in my cat kigu! 

I'd said that's a pretty great evening all in all.


I genuinely did feel awful pouring the ice water over him, which you can hopefully see in this below picture. 

But that feeling soon wore off and all sympathy escaped from my being and I decided instead that I should stick some more ice cubes into his kigu. Like the good friend I am.

What are friends for?

I’m sure you can all guess what happened next.

After he had finished his challenge, my friend then decided to nominate my sister and I to take part in the challenge as well. 

As we were all there, all suited and booted, Emma and I decided to do our ice bucket challenge straight away. 

We didn’t really plan the whole situation that well and the whole thing was really just a catalogue of errors. I genuinely couldn’t hear a thing my sister said which explains all of this ---> (link to the video is here)

For a while, I was umm’ing and arhh’ing about this challenge and worrying if I should do it or not. I for one, hate wasting resources and I completely understand that there are people in this world who would love some ice cold water to drink instead of watching us spoiled Westerners throwing it all over the joint. I get that. I really do.

But, I also can’t imagine the sheer pain and heartbreak that is involved with any neurodegenerative disease as I've never experienced it or met anyone with it. And before this worldwide ice bucket challenge came about, I had never even heard of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease.

There’s always going to be a catch 22 when doing anything in life. You're never going to please everyone with your actions and there are always going to be people out there who think you’re doing wrong, even when you’re trying to do right. You just can't please them all.

But aside from all the politics, I'm glad I did it. I've read up on ALS and other Motor Neurone Diseases, I've looked into the charities that help support these diseases, I've enjoyed watching and taking part in a fun challenge and I've donated to the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association

To help ease my conscience a little bit, my sister and I used the same ice that my friend had used previously and I have also vowed to miss a shower this week to counteract my water wastage (I know it sounds silly but I’m being serious - I'd like to think it will help).

If you would like to take part but don’t want to throw ice water over your head (which I wouldn't blame you for) you can donate using the below links:

You can give directly to the American charity ALSA here

Or you can donate to the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association here

Or failing that, you can just text ICED55 to 70070 to donate £5 (only available in the UK) which will go towards the UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Whatever you decide to do, go for it. You won't receive no judgements here. Just chose happiness :) 

I hope you're having a lovely day. Kiss, kiss!


Friday 22 August 2014

Two weeks in pictures.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you're all well.

It's officially winter. I say officially, I just mean by my standard it's winter. There has been zero sunshine, cold winds and a lot of rain, for me, that's more than enough reasons for me to go into hibernation.

So here it is again, a pictures blog post. 

I really do love doing this type of blog post. One, it gets rid of all the photos on my phone and two, I get to remember all the cheeky little adventures I've had these last couple of weeks, I think that's a win win situation. 

I joined my gym back in April and it's the first gym I've ever signed up to; I've always worked out, but not using specific equipment and what not. I usually go to the gym after work or at the weekends which is really gruelling: it's busy, hot, I'm shattered and I have to take all my makeup off before going to make sure I don't look like the scream mask when I exit the building. So last week my sister suggested that we go in the mornings. We would have to get there for 6:20am to make sure we got an hours work out in and to make sure we get ready for work in time. At first, I was quite daunted by this suggestion but I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the early starts and I think this will become our new gym routine. The gym is cool, empty and I don't have any makeup on to worry about! I also have more energy throughout the day and when I get home in the evenings I can do whatever I want, no more gym guilt. 

These protein bars have really helped with the morning gym routine. I hate working out on an empty stomach so they give me a boost of energy to get me through the morning regime whilst filling me up, but not making me feel heavy or stuffed. 

I know it is so important to eat well and healthy and blah blah blah when trying to lose weight and workout, but I really like naughty food. However, I'm not too terrible, I like my healthy food too. So heres a few cheeky snaps of some healthy and not so healthy meals I've scoffed over the last two weeks.

At the beginning of August I got to see Blink 182 at the O2 Academy in Brixton. I am a huge fan of Blink and have been for at least fourteen years, so I was one chuffed little mare seeing them live again. 

I never usually take photos or videos when at gigs as I'm a firm believer in living for the moment and enjoying the atmosphere when you're there....the problem with this is (which I highlighted in my previous blog post) I have the shortest memory and I usually can't recollect anything from the gig or show! So I did end up getting a few short videos and one or two blurred photos.

I also had my first ever beer! Don't get me wrong, I've had a sip of beers throughout my drinking years but I've always hated the taste so I never drank a whole pint of it. However, after queuing, for what seemed like a lifetime to get a drink, they told me they had sold out of cider. Blasphemy. So my sister talked me into getting a beer with black and said it would be exactly the same as cider and black...

...but it wasn't the same, it was gross and it tasted like buttered toast in a glass. Eurgh. Safe to say, I will never have that again. Anyway, the cider problem was resolved on our next visit to the bar and I got happily merry on some cider and black. Yum.

Also, it was so unbearably hot in the O2, hotter than I've ever experienced at a gig. Everyone was sweating unbelievable amounts and I genuinely thought I might pass out from the heat; it was tropical. There was a mad rush to get outside and get some air after the gig had ended, I'm surprised no one was crushed.

Once we eventually got outside, it was pouring with rain, which I couldn't of cared about as it was cooling me down splendidly. You can see the transition from us being inside to outside in the below two photos.

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and I was so happy to spend it with some of my good mates.

Two of my good friends also had their engagement party this month, which was just a bundle of fun. It consisted of getting very merry, dancing to metal in front of both of their families, having a lock in, playing truth or dare, throwing water over a topless (and very beautiful) man and getting home around 4am. Best engagement party ever! 

Below are just a few random snaps from these two weeks. Looking back, it's been a lovely time and I'm excited for this bank holiday weekend to be exactly the same.

My hair is only took five years to grow it out!

I had a very lovely/messy evening with one of my besties last Friday. This is her in the background being highly sociable before we headed out. The eejit.  

Me and my fav ever - Emski <3

This book was bought for me by one of my colleagues at work. He said he saw it in a book shop at the weekend and had to buy it for me. Obviously I love it!

Short story: Went away from my desk at work, came back and there was a dead squirrel in a hole puncture...My work mates are fab :/

 My little man managed to tuck himself into bed. Cuteness overload.

And lets end this blog with a beautiful sky at dusk...Bye!


Tuesday 19 August 2014

15 facts about blessedby

Afternoon all.

It’s just gone mid-August and we’ve had a lovely week full of cloudy skies and rain; Mother Nature, ‘av a word!

I’ve been meaning to do a competition wins post for a while now but my laptop has been dropped a few too many times and now the screen doesn't want to switch on...


It has all the pictures of all my competition wins, so it looks like I’m going to spend this week retaking all my photos of my prizes. I admit, it's not the worst job in the world, it's just a bit time consuming.


I thought I'd attempt a new type of blog post that I've never done before; a cheeky, little, light hearted 15 facts about me post.

How vain right?

So here goes, 15 facts about me (this is going to get tedious).

  1. I am the youngest of my siblings. I have two sisters and I am the baby of the family. I wish I could say I was the spoilt rotten child who got everything she wanted because she was the youngest of the famalam, but sadly that wasn’t/isn’t the case. I’m just a pretty standard, non-spoiled, still begrudging the fact that I missed out on a pretty sweet deal, kinda gal.

  2. I'm very tall. Taller than most girls and even most guys. It’s awkward, as I still have this idea that I’m 5.5ft and that I blend into the crowd and that I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. But alas. I do. (I’m just teetering under the 6ft mark)

  3. I love animals. Get all of them in my life.

  4. I have the worst memory. I’m great with directions and recognizing people’s faces, but try and get me to remember people’s names, times, general facts, conversations I've had or other important aspects of life and I can't do it.

  5. I used to be vegan for three years and vegetarian for almost six.

  6. I love to clean! Give me some Dettol and Flash with Febreze and I’ll be one happy lady.

  7.       One of my life goals is to travel as much as I can. I’ve been to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland, which for me, is not enough. My lifelong dream is to visit America and to go on a road trip down the West Coast!

  8. I studied Film Studies and Video Production at University for 3 years and received a 2:1 degree.

  9. I love my job. I work at a television broadcasting company and it is so much fun! I love the people, the environment and the work I do. Sadly, I’m only on a temp contract so I may not be here that much longer, but it’s been nice while it’s lasted!

  10. I have four tattoos. One on each of my big toes, one on my ankle and one on the inside of my lip.

  11. I have two 22mm flesh tunnels in my ears, which you can see in all my photos I upload on here. I also have two more piercings in my right ear and one more in my left in, though I don’t put anything through them now. I also had my septum pierced, but I took that out about a year and a half ago.

  12. I'm still learning to drive.

  13.       I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia when I was at college at 16. My tutors started to notice how ‘clumsy’ I was and how my essays had all the facts in them, but were about as easy to decipher as hieroglyphics.

    I was always covered in bruises from falling over or walking into things. I used to always hit my shoulders on doors when walking through a doorway, it got painfully ridiculous. I did some motor skills tests at my college with a specialist and then went to my doctors to get all confirmed.  Fun times!

  14. My favorite food is probably a toss-up between a cheeseburger and watermelon.

  15. Keanu, Punky, Kay, Kirst, K-Unit, Dursty, Percy, little one and petal are all of my nicknames.

I hope you enjoyed this random post, if you have done something similar, link it below, I'd love to take a ganders.

Monday 11 August 2014

26th Birthday Celebrations

Bell’o my lovely tiny chickariniis! 

As you can hopefully tell, I'm super happy on this gloomy Monday afternoon.What's up with this crazy hurricane weather? It's still summer don't you know Mother Nature - chop chop! 

I had a wonderfully busy weekend, full of cheeky adventures and non stop shenanigans and I was even up at 6:00am this morning and at the gym for 6:30am! Check out that dediciation!

Maybe I'm so happy through lack of I high right now?

I’m currently chowing down on a homemade wrap with red peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, Mexican cheese and some delicious soft French garlic and herb cheese, yum! But I thought I'd take a few moments out of my lunch break to write a little, cheery blog post. Aw, how nice.

Last month was my 26th birthday and I did post a wonderfully depressing, yet somewhat hopeful post here, but today’s post is just going to be a collection of photos (cos’ you know I love a good photo) and some of the adventures I got up to (and by adventures I mean, all the food I ate!)

When the time draws closer to my birthday, I find myself splurging on the items I’ve been yearning for, for some time, but never had the excuse to buy them.

Looking back, I didn’t go too crazy (I’m not including the £70 spend up in Primark though) but I bought a few cheeky bits I definitely didn’t need, but I really wanted.

I headed to a not so local Poundland as I knew stocked a wide variety of nail varnish and nail accessories that I've been looking for. I do not, in anyway shape or form, need any more nail polishes (I think I have around 64, below is only part of my collection).

But I couldn’t hold back any longer, my varnish addiction was calling and I needed to get a fix, so I decided to buy these beauties. 

I also bought some nail decorations, 2 packs of different coloured bows – I cannot wait to use them!

But I didn’t stop there, oh no. 

I then headed to Boots and to buy some Barry M varnishes on offer for 3 for 2. I have wanted the teal, pearlescent one from their Aquarium collection for some time, so that was a given! I also love their silk range; the finish is slightly matte feel, but has a tiny shimmer - it’s gorgeous! And of course, I had to stock up on some hot pink for the summer time.

I then bought the Revlon Colourburst Mattebalm in 210 ‘Unapologetic’. The Boots I visited didn’t stock every colour that was available, so it took me a while to decide which one I wanted. But I'm over the moon with this one and I'm so happy I picked it. I love matte lippies and this has great staying power and the pigmentation is fantastic. I thoroughly recommend this beauty; I will need to invest in some other colours very soon.

I then treated myself (I do a lot of that) to this absolutely wonderful little bit of kit. I love Sleek products; I've been raving about them for years (I'm such a hipster). Whilst I was at university, many eons ago, I spent all my free time watching Youtube makeup hauls and tutorials and yearned for the high end goodies that so many had and swooned about. But I was broke student, living Portsmouth, which isn't exactly the hub of the latest beauty trends. But up popped Sleek to save the day; a small, cute little brand tucked away in my local Superdrug, with packaging that reminded me of the wondrous Nars, but stocked an assortment of products in a multitude of shades, I was hooked.

I've seen this beauty around recently and heard wonderful reviews about the staying power and pigmentation, but I was overloaded with bronzers and blushes at the time that I just couldn't justify buying it. But low and behold, I decided to smash my favourite bronzer (I use bronzers more than blushers) so I obviously ran out to buy this gem and I was not disappointed.

The contouring section is lovely and matte (just how I like it) whilst the blusher is a warm, almost salmon shade, with a slight shimmer to it (something I usually don't like) but it's not crazy glittery and I think it adds such a nice dewy glow, which is divine during these summer months. The highlighter is light and lovely, it's something I wouldn't usually use but I have found it gives great results.

Overall, this is a product that every single man, woman and child needs in their life. I'm not over exaggerating! 

OK, maybe I am a tiny bit, but I am so genuinely pleased with this, I swear Sleek cannot do any wrong with any of their products?! They have stunning shades of individual blushers, bronzers, lippies and don't even get me started on their array of gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. Sleek - you have done it again, kudos, you bunch of beauty wizards.

I also bought two hair saving products that I love/need:The Toni and Guy heat protection mist (which I subsequently spilt everywhere and now have zero left!) and Lee Stafford’s Dehumidifier spray. Both these products are perfect for my hair, which is long, wavy/curly and quite frizzy. They tame my locks and keep it under control to the best of their abilities.

My hair takes an awful long time to blow dry but I always find the heat protection spray speeds up my drying time without leaving my hair feeling brittle or dry. 

The Dehumidifier is a necessity for anyone who experiences frizziness because of the weather! Hot, cold, humid, foggy, misty, rain, you name it, all weather can cause my lusciously perfectly straightened hair to recoil in horror and frizz up like no one’s business! This product also reduces static after styling it. If you do want to try this, you can purchase it in a travel size if you’re unsure and want to have a little experiment.

I then bought some new makeup brushes from Wilkinsons, which are obvious dupes of Real Techniques brushes. I absolutely love RT brushes, but they are little bit pricey and I really wanted to see if I could find some cheaper alternatives. These bad boys only came in at £3-4 a pop so I think that's a great bargain! I’ve been using them all for a month now and I am very happy with them, their soft, with no shedding of bristles and really sturdy. My only niggle is that the eyebrow brush seems to becoming a bit loose (like many do) and I think it may pop off soon but only time will tell.

As I mentioned, food was a huge factor in my birthday (in my life as well) so I was eating out for nearly two weeks straight! Here are a few cheeky snaps of the various places and dishes!

The day before my birthday I visited Westfield’s with my sister and we went to eat at Wahaca – a nice little Mexican restaurant I’m sure you’ve all heard of. If you decide to visit, make sure you try the hibiscus water – it is like crack and you will not be disappointed with the sweet and sour dry taste (I may not be selling it but it is so refreshing).

The best Guacamole in the world 

On my actual birthday, I went into London and visited MeatMarket. The reviews were blinding  so I was highly intrigued by the gorgeous photos of their burgers. I just had to go. I’ll be honest, they were nice burgers but not the best I’ve ever had, I did expect them to be something spectacular because they look so bloody lovely, but they were still very delicious none the less. 

I also visited my favourite place in the world - Bubbleology.

My sister then organized a surprise meal on the Saturday evening for me and my close friends and family; it was lovely and a complete shock!

What am I doing here?

On the Sunday, I had another meal out at Wagamamas in Windsor with my Mammy and middle sister. It was a lovely day out, the sun was shining and it was very warm, but there was slight cool breeze lingering in the air, which helped walking up and down the hills in Windsor town!

After our dinner, we took a stroll through the town and then walked down along the Thames with our ice creams (I got my fav – a Mr Whippy with bubblegum sauce and a chocolate flake! Heaven). After which, we took a boat ride down the Thames like proper little tourists and got a pleasant history lesson on the surrounding areas; it was all rather quaint!

My work colleagues were even nice enough to celebrate my birthday, and were super kind to get me some vouchers to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Bethnal Green. I've wanted to go to this magical place for some time now (which I think they knew about) so this gift was just perfection for me.

I got lots and lots of cat birthday cards this year, which I think is just splendid. I love birthday cards in general, they really mean a lot to me and this year I got some fantastic ones!

My best friend even baked me a chocolate and peanut butter Grumpy Cat birthday cake, it was divine!

I had a fabulous 26th birthday and I just cannot believe that I’m going to be 27 next year…I can't deny that I'm super scared and super worried, but I’m sure it’ll be ok...maybe?
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