Tuesday 28 July 2015

What to expect from online dating

After becoming single last year for the first time in a while, I was persuaded by friends and family to move on and give online dating a go. If you’re new to the online dating scene then this post may prepare you for what the future has in store for you. Or perhaps you’re already a online dating veteran and a few of these points may tickle you. Alternatively, you may already be in a happy relationship and just want a laugh at us poor ol’ singletons and reaffirm how bloody lucky you are that you don't have to go through this all, you swines! (I kid). But anyway, I think I’ve listed a few home truths about what you can expect from the online dating world.

I hope you enjoy.

And good luck if you're considering online dating...you're gona' need it :|

Topless selfies

This is a tough one isn’t it? On the one hand, I’m sure we all appreciate a nice, good looking body but of the other hand we have to ask, is this topless Greek god really husband material? For me, it’s a no. 

Sorry Zeus.  

Duck Faced Men

Can someone alert the authorities!?! Men pouting?! When did this become a thing and more importantly, when was this deemed socially ok?! Don’t ask me why I find it ok for women to pout in photos yet when a man does it I can’t help but want to heave. I just can't explain it.

Whenever I see a man pouting in a photo I can literally feel my fallopian tubes tying themselves in to knots and every last bit of desire that I had for any man, fading fast. 

Please spread this message, men and pouting should never go together.


A truck load in fact. (He didn't even give me time to respond...)

'Just ask me'

Am I the only one who has a gripe with this? I can't stand it when a guy has an about me section that only says:

 ‘Just ask me’ 

I'm not detective f**king Colombo mate!  You’ve got to give me some clues as to what you like; otherwise this is going to be a very long, arduous process for us all...

Me: Do you like sea kelp?
Him: No
Me: Have you seen Jaws?             
Him: No
Me: Uh. Common! What do you like?!?!
Him: Just ask!

Plus, I'd like to know if I've got stuff in common with you before I swipe right becuase believe it or not, I'm not judging you solely on how you look!

Where's Wally?

I'm putting it out there, group photos are the bane of my existence. I can see you have friends, lots of them in fact. However, you all look the same and I can’t really tell which one you are, soooooo…

(swipes left)


God loves a trier doesn't he? What can I say? I almost feel sorry for the guys who write these types of messages to girls but what do they honestly expect? Do they think we will fall to our knees and praise the lord that our knight in shining armor has appeared at last? Or do they really think that sending a message saying ‘You’re body is fit, I need to f**k you asap’ is really going to result in sexual intercourse? 

Oh, they did?  

Oh, well, that’s awkward…

All the young dudes. They will hit on you. A lot. Does anyone take this as a compliment? Maybe I should but instead I can’t help but feel like a cradle robbing old hag if any guy younger than me sends me a message. My darling, I’m ten years older than you, it’s just not going to happen. Also, why on earth are you on here anyway?! Isn’t it past your bed time?! You cheeky lil scallywag!

The older (old) man 



The Normal 'good looking guys who say odd/weird/mental things'... 

...which just reinstates the fact that you’re going to be alone forever. 

These types of guys have to be the worst of them all. They have nice photos, they look sociable yet mysterious and low and behold, you have the same interests, could this be a match made in online dating heaven? 

He’s cute, you’re cute, you could have good looking babies together, you've basically started planning the wedding but uh, oh no, nope, nope, nope, he’s just gone and ruined it all by being a complete and utter nutter (see below for further details).


But just as all hope fades...

You realize there are some nice ones...

Have you tried online dating before? I'd love to know what was the funniest message you've ever received! Let me know in the comments below. 


Monday 20 July 2015

Catalyst Autumn/Winter Preview Day

A few weeks ago I was asked by the lovely people at Catalyst PR to attend a PR day last Friday in Cavendish Square in London. I have never attended a PR day before so I was a bit unsure what to expect, but upon arrival I was put at ease by two ladies from Catalyst PR who welcomed me to the event and introduced me to the brands who were showcasing their products.

Even though I hadn’t of heard of a few of the brands before it was so interesting to be introduced to their products by people who were clearly so passionate about what they were representing. 

Being in a room full of total strangers and introducing myself to so many different people is usually a very daunting experience for me but the atmosphere at the event was so relaxed and everyone was so friendly, that the time passed by so quickly! I have to give a massive shoutout to Catalyst PR and their team, who would come on over everything once in a while just to check to see if everything was going ok. They even supplied a beautiful spread of food and drinks.

Some of the brands at the event were:

Dr Paw Paw
Revlon Professional
Sexy Hair
All That Jazz
Beauty Crowd
King of Shaves
NanoKeratin System
I was very lucky to walk away with some absolutely amazing products which I am beyond excited to try out! A huge thank you goes out to all the brands and their representatives as they are what made the day so fun and informative. But the biggest thanks goes to Catalyst PR for inviting me along to this event in the first place and providing such a wonderful experience.

Watch this space, there will be so many reviews to come!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if you have ever tried any of these products before and your thoughts on them!

*PS All the photos are my own, please don't go stealing them without asking my permission first ;) 

Sunday 12 July 2015

Ladbrokes #WimbledonSummerParty

Ok, confession time, I get so incredibly happy when I’m invited to a blogger event (especially when the invitations are this cute!) as it helps to reaffirm that I must be doing something right on my blog to get invited along!

Next confession. I may have stalked Ladbrokes blogger events before. I remember seeing the Ladbrokes Casino/Boat Party all over twitter and the blogosphere a few months ago and was in awe at the lengths they went to for fellow bloggers! A few blogger friends of mine attended and I was super (jealous) happy that they got to go to such a wonderful evening! But my luck was about to change when the lovely people at Ladbrokes/Branded3 decided to invite me to their latest bash where they were hosting a #WimbledonSummerParty.

On our invites we were told to dress in white (which you can see I went completely against because I’m an idiot and own nothing white and I didn’t go shopping in time and damn) and to expect food, drink, games, quizzes and prizes!

Now, I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of tennis however I do appreciate strawberries, Pimms, cakes and a rip roaring good time, all of which were to be included in this wonderful evening.

The event took place down a very quaint and stereotypical London side street near Mansion House in a bar called Williamson Tavern. We were celebrating the 'Best of British', so think scones, tennis, pub quizzes and bunting galore. After arriving ten minutes late and failing to find the sneaky lil place for a further ten minutes, I eventually stumbled upon two smiling people dressed in white, one who was clutching a clipboard, whilst the other wore a white sweat headband. Now, if this wasn't the #WimbledonSummerParty I was about to give up hope and start drinking with the locals! Luckily for me these two smiley people were members of the Branded3 team! They were so welcoming as they led me downstairs into our own private bar, where I was handed a glass of prosecco and introduced to all the other bloggers at the event.

After some wonderful introductions, laughs and a lot of over sharing (I tend to do that) it was time for the quiz. As I said, I don't know much about tennis but you can bet your bottom dollar I was racking my brain for the answers. I even did some some year 4 math sums on my quiz sheet! Now that's dedication!

Once we had all handed in our answers for the quiz it was time for the games 'Tennis Pong' and 'Hit the bloody crap out the Piñata that doesn't want to die'. Though I'm a dab hand at beer pong (if I do say so myself) I can happily admit I was awful at Tennis Pong and I walked away with only 6 points (the winner got something like 18?!!). After my dreadful defeat, I was eager to take all my anger out on the strawberry piñata by trying to bash it to smithereens but alas, this piñata had other ideas and didn't actually break open for anyone! Fair play to it, it  did take a swift beating from one of the Branded3 ladies who battered it continuously for about a minute before it gave up and decided split open (watch out for the ladies at Branded3! Proper 'ard nuts!)
Seeing as the piñata was no more, it was time to announce the winners of the quiz and Tennis Pong. Oddly enough, my year 4 maths skills must have come in handy, as I came in 2nd in the quiz and won a liter bottle of Pimms! Fabulous!

Overall, it was such a fantastic evening that just seemed to fly by. I would like to thank Ladbrokes and Branded3 for hosting such a wonderful evening and inviting me! Secondly, I would like to thank all the bloggers who attended and made the evening so special.

It was my birthday on Saturday, so you all really put me in high spirits for the weekend ahead and the Pimms definitely came in handy!

Oh and before I forget, we've been given the opportunity to guess who will be in the Royal Box for the Wimbledon Tennis Final. I don't know how many guesses we're allowed but here are my predication's, let me know what you guesses are!

Ed Sheeran
A cast member from Game of Thrones
Pippa Middleton

Place your bets!

If you'd like more to know about the evening you can visit here for more information.


Monday 6 July 2015

Summer Primark Haul

What the hell has happened in the UK lately? Summer has officially arrived and we have been blessed with some absolutely gorgeous weather. Can you believe that London reached temperatures of 35 degrees last week?!? 

Phowar, it was a bit warm.

If you're anything like me, you would not have been prepared for this hell fire weather and would of most definitely struggled to dress yourself for an entire week in different clothes that didn't create a sweaty puddle around your feet.

I really needed to add a few summer essentials to my wardrobe and I always find Primark is a great place to do that. If I ever need long, summery, flowy (is that a word?) summery items, I always seem to find them here! They always seem to be long enough and they don't break the bank, so I thought I'd share my summery purchases with you lot.

*Here's a lil game you can play: Spot the burnt dry grass, me blinking in a photo and my cat making his first fashion haul début...I'm such a professional blogger. So swish n' all that.

Stripped Mini Dress - £8 || Hat - H&M - years ago!

Long Black & White Print Dress - £8

Double split Aztec Print Maxi Skirt** - £6 || Top - River Island - £12

Long Navy Dress - £8

White Heeled Sandals - £5 

Are you enjoying the weather? More prepared than me I hope!

**It would be a Maxi skirt on any one below 5.9ft but it's a bit of a midi skirt on my lanky self.
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