Thursday 24 September 2015

10 Tinder Turn Offs

I’ve done a (hilarious*) post about online dating before which you can find here. However, I wanted to vent my frustration once again and list 10 things that men do on online dating that really, really, bugs me.

Side note: This is all tongue in cheek. If you get offended by it, this blog is not for you and I suggest you never look at the internet ever again. Ever

*May not actually be hilarious. No refunds. No returns. 

Girls in Photos
Ok, so, for the record I’m not a jealous kind of gal. Have your girl mates, go have fun with them. I’m secretly hoping they will tell you what a great catch I am, that I’m a keeper and I will some how end up BFF’s with your girl mates and we can all live happily ever after. However, if you’re trying to get to know someone via online dating, the last thing I want to see is a girl sitting on your lap with your arms around her waist. Surely you have other photos you could use? Did you really think this one was a good choice? Why?! Which leads me on to my next point…

Ex-girlfriends in photos
You know it’s the ex-girlfriend in the picture when the backdrop is of a famous landmark, their faces are smushed together but you can only see 3/4 of her blurred out face. She has been unceremoniously cropped out and quite poorly. You can see she has one green eye, brownish hair and half a smile but honestly, could you not find another picture to use, love? Is the photo of you standing in front of the Eiffel tower, with half the face of your ex Mrs really the best photo you have? 

*swipes left*

Artsy photos
Yeah, great. You’re so cultured and cool. So mysterious and deep. All of your photos are of the back of your head, somewhat blurry or you're standing 13,000 ft away from the camera. But they all have the same theme...I can’t see your face in any of your bloody photos! 

*swipes left*

Men who lie about their age
Simon. Age 32.

Absolutely not. Nooooooo way. There is no way in hell that you are 32! Add another twenty years on and we may have a deal. But no. Just. No. Stop clogging up my Tinder feed you cheeky git and get back to playing darts down your local pub with Dave and Terry. Good lad.

Profiles with the same photo over & over & over again
If you have uploaded the same photo 5 times, you’re clearly an idiot and I have no desire to marry and reproduce with you.

*swipes left*

Swearing in photos
This is probably the most unattractive thing a guy can do on his online dating profile. I’m no prude and I personally think a well placed swear word, executed at the right time can be quite comical. However, whilst you’re sitting there giving me the middle finger via your profile picture, believe it or not, the first thing that pops into my mind isn't ‘Wow. What a charismatic, charming, gentleman this young man is. I can’t wait to show Mother and Father these photos so we can organise the wedding pronto’, I’m thinking ‘You're an idiot’.

*swipes left*.

‘If you swipe right, make sure you actually talk’
1. Don’t tell me what to do - I'm a rebel
2. Great idea but how about we scrap it and you just talk to me first?
3. Um. How 'bout no? 

*swipes left*

Married men
Seriously, this is a thing. Married men, openly admitting their married and in open relationships but looking to find a girlfriend for 'fun on the side' (shudders). All I can say is, you greedy bastards. Here’s me, alone and single, finding it hard to find ANY suitable man, whilst you, Mr Casanova Mc Stud Muffin has not only found a woman to marry, you now want a girlfriend as well! How dare you ruin the holy sanctity of Tinder. How very dare you

The ‘Only 1 photo’ profile
If you have one photo on your profile you are one of the following things:

A fake account
A murderer

But if you’re genuinely neither of the above, you’re just a plain old idiot. 

*swipes left*

Not mentioning your height

Fella’s. I’m not asking for your bank details. I don’t want to know how much you earn a year. Christ, I don’t even want to know if your big feet really does mean you have a big *ahem*. I just want to know how tall you are. Is that too much to ask? Why is it so secretive?! 

Well. That's my ranting done (for now). Can anyone else relate to this or am I being really, really picky and hard to please? (Probably the latter).

Good luck if you are currently trying to online dating scene and if you're happily in a relationship...I'm so happy for you...

(Trying to be genuine is really hard)

Tuesday 22 September 2015


Let’s just get this out the way. I’m a terrible blogger.

I was supposed to post this blog well over two months ago but low and behold, things, life, bits & bobs, (selfies with my cat) take over and my scheduling went out the window…so lets just completely ignore the fact that this post is two months late, I'm a terrible human and the fact that September is nearly over...


You’re probably thinking, why on earth would she dig up a post about an event she went to over two months ago? That’s a good question (Good for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!), the reason is that I truly and whole heartedly believe in this brand that showcased this event and felt like I had to do a post about them.

If I'm honest, there's only a few things in life I'm truly passionate about and that's food, cats, sleep, bargains and vegan products!

Back in August I was invited to a launch event for Stvdio5 in their pop up store in Old Street Station in London. Stvdio5 teamed up with a few other brands such as TerreVerdi (another organic beauty brand) and Bysun (a handmade luxury ladies wear brand).

Stvdio5 are a 100% vegan, London based beauty company who rivals the likes of Lush (and lets face it, we all love a bit of Lush!). Not only do they have amazing smelling products like bath truffles, candles, face cleansers and moisturizers, their products are affordable, natural and paraben/alcohol free!

Not only do they have fantastic products, they have a wonderfully refreshing business mantra which they call ‘Best of British’. They elaborate further on their website with the following statement: 

We need your support and encouragement to change consumer consciousness. We are NOT against large-scale High Street companies, but we do believe that buying from us will create a community of people who are passionate about NATURAL AND HANDMADE British products’. 

Then continuing their passionate declaration with:

Respect your money, respect your skin. Buy natural, buy British’.

This company is run by Antonio Pisanelli, who is one of the most nicest, hospitable and welcoming Brand Directors I’ve ever come across. Not only is his passion for his business evident when talking to him on social media or face to face, he’s very down to earth and gives bloggers a lot of time and respect.

All in all, I love this brand. Wholeheartedly. The ethics, the people and the products are all top quality and I’m so thankful Antonio invited me along to such a wonderful launch party. I would highly suggest you take a look at their website and try a few of their products, I personally love their bath truffles, which are always a welcome addition to any bath time escapade.

I try to use vegan products wherever I can and it’s companies like Stvdio5 that make is so easy to do! If you’d like to find out more information feel free to head on over to their website here.

(You can stalk all the other bloggers who went and their opinions by searching the hashtag #stvdio5inwonderland on Twitter)

Have you ever tried any of Stvdio5's products? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below! If you haven't, are these the sort of products you'd like to try? Let me know!

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Saturday 12 September 2015

Warwick Castle // Adventure

A couple of weekends ago, on a Sunday morning in August, my friend called me and asked if I would like to visit Warwick Castle with him. Even though it’s only a couple of hours drive from London, I’ve never been, so I was more than happy to go along and see what Warwick Castle had to offer.

Before we set off our on adventure the weather was truly beautiful but in good old English fashion that soon changed and upon our arrival at the castle the heaven’s decided to open. I’d like to think our British stiff upper lip came in to play and even though we were getting positively drenched walking around the grounds, the weather didn’t put a damper (excuse the pun) on things.

Before arriving I was unaware that Warwick castle is part of the Merlin Entertainment group who owns attractions such as Thorpe Park, Legoland, Madam Tussauds etc so I didn’t realise it was going to be such a ‘commercial’ experience. What I mean by that is there were character actors walking around, family shows (including horrible histories), burger vans and dungeon scare tours. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, there were plenty of families walking around thoroughly enjoying themselves. I just assumed that as it was a castle the atmosphere would be quite subdued but I guess you have to use a lot of tactics to make history enjoyable for the young!

On another note, Warwick castle is quite expensive to get into. I think we paid nearly £60 for two adults (this included the dungeon scare tour), however, there are deals you can get if you book in advance or go online so make sure you use those offers if you do visit! 

A day out at Warwick castle is lovely experience and I can imagine it would be a fantastic family day out. The grounds are highly maintained, along with the interiors and there is so much to learn whilst walking about. I’d highly recommend everyone to visit and learn about the rich history Warwick has to offer!

I also did a vlog whilst at Warwick castle and I'd love it if you had a peak! I try to create interesting and creative montages when doing vlogs and it's not long I promise ;)

Have you ever been to Warwick Castle before? If so, what did you think of the experience? Can you recommend any other castles that I should visit? Let me know!

Friday 4 September 2015

An Instant Instagram Filter for your Face?

A few months ago I was approached by a PR team who asked me to try out one of their products. Like many of you, I’ve been offered my fair share of odd products to review (one PR team asked me to review a frying pan set) so I’m usually quite weary when I’m messaged by any PR team.

However, one email in particular stood out amongst the sea of spam due to its captivating subject line ‘An Instant Instagram Filter for your Face’. Before I say anything about this product, let’s just give the PR company a massive round of applause for knowing how to grab a gal's attention. Kudos! But once I set my intrigue aside, I found myself doubting their bold statement. Without sounding like a know it all, I feel as if I would have heard about a makeup product that gives you an Insta filter for your face...I think we all would have. So how have I never heard of this product before?! With such bold claims about this product, I just had to see what it was all about.

The product in question is called New Magic Minerals Powder by Jerome Alexander. It boasts the ability to cover and conceal blemishes, age spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone, whilst of course, giving you that perfect Instant Instagram filtered face.

I’m going to be completely honest, when I opened the parcel I felt slightly disappointed by the packaging; it looked cheap, the ‘As Seen on TV’ logo felt gimmicky and the 90's vibe was a tad dated. But once I moved past the packaging and I opened up the product to reveal the powder inside, I was greeted by a colourful collection of spots all over a skin toned powder. Unbeknownst to me, these little spots are called ‘Colour Correctors’ which are supposedly meant to hide skin imperfections instantly. 

If I’m ever asked to review something I like to think that I take that task pretty seriously. I don’t just use a product once and write a post about it. Oh noooooo. I’m in it for the long haul and with that being said, I must have used this product nearly every day for a month just to see if these claims were true. 

o, did this powder give me the most perfect Instant Instagram Filtered face? No. Of course not. The logistics behind creating a product that made you look ‘perfect’ all the time is impossible and not to mention we would all look crazy weird with a constant filtered face.


(Please don’t click off just yet)

Aside from that, this a really good powder.

As y’all may know, I have very oily skin along with terrible dry patches (because God does not want me to have flawless Beyonce skin) which means trying to find a powder that keep the oiliness at bay along with not drying me out is a task that is tiresome and sad. However, this somehow does it. I couldn’t really tell if the ‘Colour Correctors’ actually did anything as I couldn’t see a dramatic difference in my skin tone etc, however, I did get quite a few compliments whilst wearing this make up, which is always a bonus.

The powder is lightweight to wear, it doesn't change colour halfway through the day, it keeps oiliness at bay, it's relatively inexpensive (retailing at £9.99) and not to mention it comes with a handy little brush!  Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, most definitely. Would I purchase this product again? You betcha! I actually really enjoyed using this product and was sad when I accidentally smashed the flaming bejangles out of it all over my floor (RIP Magic Minerals).

So what do you think? Gimmick or glorious? Have you ever heard of this product before or have you ever used it? Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear what think!

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