Friday 16 May 2014

Nail Art

I absolutely love doing my nails; I find the whole process so therapeutic (when it goes all to plan that is, otherwise I usually end up having a hissy fit and scuffing them all!).

Before I even paint the little bleeders, I always spend a good 30 minutes prepping them.

I start off by rubbing oil into them (I use this Sally Hansen oil which can be bought from Boots:, I push back my cuticles and remove all dirt from the top of my nails, I cut away any bits of awful hang nail and then finish them off by buffing and filing them into my desired shape.

My nails don't grow very easily and tend to be quite weak if they don't have any varnish on them, so I usually always have my nails done (But I do give them a two day rest period each week without any varnish on them).

I have always done some type of ‘nail art’ on my nails for years, whether it was a few dots, glitter or accent nails, but I’ve never really become an expert at it (though I would like to). So this year I’m aiming to really hone in my skills and create some amazing and flawless designs (stalking nail technicians on Instagram will help inspire me!)

Here are just a few designs I've managed to do over the last several weeks, I hope you like them!

These are my nails at the moment and I love them!

I love this bold red with the cute little flowers on an accent nail. This is one of my favourite designs I've done so far.

The won this red polish from a competition with Semichem. They gave several Little Mix products away and this was one of them!

I love Barry M, it's one of my favourite varnish brands. Their varnishes have great longevity and the colours and effects they create are outstanding - they're relatively cheap too! This blue colour is from their 'Silk' range and I adore it. It's a pale, pastel shade with is really on trend at the moment and I can't get enough of it!

This mint green polish is by Revlon which I bought for a £1 in Poundland! Bargain and it's great quality! Revlon are another varnish brand I tend to stock up on!

This is the same blue 'Silk' varnish I mentioned before and the purple flowers are created by Rimmel's Salon Pro Varnish in Purple rain (the lighter purple) and the deeper purple is a Barry M Varnish called Plum.

This is the same blue 'Silk' varnish I mentioned before but this has the Barry M Pink Crystal Glaze on top. I love the effect and with other colours it adds a lot of depth.

Revlon Mint Green 

Barry M Ombre effect with Teal and Blue Nail Varnish

I hope you have enjoyed my beginner nail art designs and if you have any pictures of your nail art, feel free to link me to them in the comments below!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Blog Sale

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now as my poor little wardrobe is bursting at the seams (in all honesty, I need a new, BIGGER, wardrobe – but that will have to wait).

It appears that I have too many clothes (is that even possible?); particularly a bunch of clothes that have never been worn! Most of the time I cannot be bothered to do car boots or ebay stuff so I give a lot of clothes to charity. But the last two times I was actually turned away from two different charity shops because had too much stuff and didn't need any more donations! (What?!)

So here I am, blog sale-ing it up.

I have described everything as best I can, but if you need any more information, please let me know.

Postage and packaging is £3 (If you buy more than one item, I’ll see what I can do with the postage prices and let you know if I can get it cheaper!)

Paypal payments only :) (Can you please send the money as ‘send as a gift’ to avoid any charges!)

No refunds - sorry!

And so, let the blog sale commence!

Miss Luxe Skater Dress

Size 12 (Please note: This is quite a small size 12, maybe even a size 10?)

Never worn

Tags still on

My Price: £8

RRP £12.99 (See here:

Really nice quality dress, the material is a textured waffle print which isn't thin so the dress isn't see through.

Karma Clothing Cropped Jumper

Size - M

Never worn

Tags still on

My Price: £6

Perfect and lightweight for summer and such nice quality too. The only reason I'm selling is because I don't wear cropped tops (I'm very tall - it just looks odd haha)

Urban Outfitters (I think) Black Floral Lace Skater dress

Size - 12-14 

Worn once

My Price: £10

RRP: £30

Great quality dress that has only been worn once. A petticoat is underneath which means the dress isn't see through. The dress has a dropped V back.

The back of the dress

Upper Fifth Cardigan (Topshop Concession) 

Size - Large (Not a big large though, I'd say a M-L) 

Worn once

My Price: £12

RRP: £45

Great quality Cardigan that has only been worn once. I LOVE the button! Great detailing!

Asos Aztec Parker Coat

Size - 12

Worn a handful of times but in perfect condition

My Price: £13

RRP: £45

I really like this coat but I just don't think it suits me. It's not too heavy and can be pulled off as a spring coat too. It has a large collar which I loved as a statement piece. 

Long Boyfriend Blazer from H&M

Size - 12

Worn a handful of times, but in perfect condition.

My Price: £10

RRP: £25

This is a 3/4 length blazer, so it'll go past your bum (and maybe a little further depending on your height). It's perfect for summer, the material is great quality and as you as see it has been darted, so it compliments your figure! I wore it for evenings out or day time shopping with light jeans! (The sleeves are full length too! I just rolled them up).

Collectif 1950's Pinup Dress with Red Dogtooth detailing

Size - 10

Brand new without tags

My Price: £18 

RRP: £45

I bought this for a special occasion a year ago, but sadly, someone I knew liked my dress so much, they went out and bought the exact same one! I didn't then want to wear it to the special occasion and be a twin with someone, so it's sadly just sat in my wardrobe until now! This dress deserves to be strutted around town and given the life it deserves! I hope it goes to a good home!

River Island Black Cotton Blouse with White Collar detailing

Size - 12

Brand new with tags/Never worn

My Price: £13 

RRP: £35

This is a brand new blouse from River Island from last year. It's never been worn and still has the tags on. The cotton is soft and light, perfect for spring/summer. I love the white collar/ribbon detailing with the gold top button, it's a great piece. Why am I selling it? It's just a little on the large size for me. This could easily fit a 12 -14.

If you see anything you like, feel free to leave me a comment and we can discuss it all a bit further over a nice cup of tea :)

Sunday 11 May 2014

Competition wins

Here's a quick competition winning post :)

I hope you enjoy and thank you to all the companies for these amazing prizes.

I won these from Magic FM for Mothers Day. They came on Mother Day morning and the old dear was quite chuffed!

This was from LE Consultancy twitter competition (The hairspray and hair pins have come in so handy!) 

 This was from BookASpa twitter competition.

I won this candle from The Celtic Therapist twitter competition. It's cute as heck and it smells divine!

I won this from the Skin Doctors twitter page and I have to say, I love them! They are the most moisturizing creams I've ever encountered. If you have dry skin I would truly recommend these bad boys.

I won these lovelies from a Very Lazy twitter competition to my delight! I love their chopped garlic and I've been more than happy with these other lovely additions! 

This lovely little bag was from a Justfor£5 twitter competition! I love anything gold and black, so this was a fantastic win for me!

Another handbag win from a Dopsey twitter competition. RRP £18.

This Joules hat was won from a Lee Publicity twitter competition, which my mum has subsequently stolen off me already for her holiday!

I won this two vodka samples from Shaken Cocktails twitter page.

I won this beauty from the Avon twitter page. This is so similar to my natural lip colour (my lips are quite plummy) so I love this! It just creates an even colour, lasts for hours and is moisturizing too.

Lippy on!

I won this top from Caledonista twitter page from their 'Prints of Paradise' competition. I got to pick the print, which I love! But I have an awful feeling it's going to shrink in the wash! I picked a medium, but I think I should of got a large as I didn't realise it was quite a small medium (I'm a big lass), Anyway, I love it and will wear it until this becomes a bit figure hugging...


Best prize ever? YES! MAKEUP! DUH! OF COURSE IT IS! I am so bloody excited to try this all! 

I won this amazing bundle from the Semichem twitter page

I have shared out a lot of it to my mum and sisters, but from what I have left (the bronzers, lippies and mascaras) I am on tenterhooks to try!

This was a cracking prize!!! (Do you see what I did

This was a win back in Easter, an egg box full of carmex! Eggcellent!

Ok...I'll stop now.

This goodie bag was won from the Halo Wipes twitter page.

These beauties were a win from the Wedding Magazine twitter page!!!! One of my biggest prizes to date! Amazing!!!! (RRP £130)

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