Wednesday 3 September 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend Shenanigans

My word, where have I been? I’m posting about my bank holiday a week later. What an eejit.


I hope you all had a fantastic Bank Holiday, I sure did! A three day weekend, what an absolute treat! I firmly believe we should have a three day weekend as standard every week, but my application for the ‘Ruler and Decider of all of Everything’ must have got lost in the post somewhere…

Any hoozles, I had a few lil adventures during the Bank Holiday, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

I had a lovely chilled evening in on Friday, which sounds like a complete sad act scenario (which I am), but I don’t care! I got in, put my PJ’s on, put my hair in a dreadfully large and messy top knot, removed all makeup and sat eating pizza in bed all night whilst watching Modern Family. It.Was.Bliss.

Saturday was a little more lively than my Friday evening, I had my standard 9am ‘I hope no one is out on the road at this time’ driving lesson – which I dominated….(cough). After which, one of my mates and I decided to head into Central London.

The whole morning was packed full of glorious sunshine but of course, it decided to turn into an epic downpour the second we decided to get off the train in London. I was in no way equipped for this type of weather; I had freaking Birkenstock sandals on! Anyway, my mate totally ignored my fashion predicament and suggested that we get off and walk from Baker Street to Covent Garden…

We ended up walking from Baker Street to Oxford Street, to Covent Garden to Southbank in the pouring rain (Sigh. Boys, they will never understand a woman dilemma). Aside from the ridiculous raining situation, the whole day was a barrel of laughs. We ended up being 15 again as we walked around with alcoholic beverages in hand talking about rubbish.

I will admit, I nearly ended up killing us a few times when I dashed across a few busy London streets as oncoming traffic zoomed by…oops. But hey, I’ll do anything for good lighting.

My Instagram game is strong.

We visited a few special places I love….all food related of course.

We went to Kingdom of Sweet where I picked up the below beauties.

Oreo’s are my favorite of all biscuits and I love trying any flavor I can get my greedy mitts on, and oh boy, these new birthday cake flavour did not disappoint! They were £3 for this small little box of them, but they were worth it! They even had little sprinkles inside the fondant, extra yum.

The Root Beer liquorice was a disappointment and at £6 a pop, woo, they were an expensive treat. They tasted very faintly of Root Beer and were very gummy tasting; my mum seemed to enjoy them though, she nearly polished off the entire packet by herself…the brat!

We then visited MeatMarket as I (as always) was hankering for a cheese burger.

After a few more hours of dashing in and out of the rain, walking for miles and sliding down the slides at Southbank...(If you'd like to see/hear me go down the slides at Southbank, click here!) ...we parted ways and headed home, where I was welcomed with this beautiful sight…N’aw!

Sunday was a family day from what I can remember, all up until around 5pm when a few mates and I decided to have a few cheeky bank holiday Sunday drinks. I honestly thought it was going to be a very boring, quiet, low maintenance type of evening, but oh no. There were drinking games, shots, cocktails, workouts, selfies, snapchats and inevitably, chatting to lots and lots of random people. There started off with myself and four other people (my friends) out drinking, by the end of the night, we had gathered about ten complete strangers to come hang out with us. I don’t remember much. It was a blur. There was a lot of questionable dancing. A lot of winding up a poor Scottish fella. And eventually, passing out in my bed at 5am after eating cake and cheese (I think at the same time) in my bed and leaving the crumbs all over my sheets. What a Princess...

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, even if it was over a week ago ;)

If you got up to mini adventures or shenanigans I'd love to hear about them.


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