Thursday 12 February 2015

February Catch Up

Where on earth have I been?

I meant to do so much blogging this month.  I had so many posts planned and so much hidden up my metaphorical sleeve (that sounds gross) but alas all of that has got pushed aside as per usual and why? I have zero idea.

I thought I’d do a quick catch up and post an easy blog, which I LOVE doing as I'm a lazy bugger; I get to recap on the last couple of weeks and clear out my phone of hundreds of photos (and cat selfies) I’ve taken.

So here it is, the last two week in photos <3

February has been cold

Really cold. 

I currently don't have a car (yet) so I've spent a lot of time walking to work and meeting up with friends and spending a lot of time with Mr Jack Frost. It hasn't been pleasant and realistically there aren't too many positives to the cold weather but the only one I can think of is cold and frosty mornings. I absolutely love it when the sun is beaming down on the crisp frosty ground and there's a slight fog in the air; there's something very ethereal about it all and maybe it's just me but I think it's the most magical weather/time of year we have.


Ahh, this dreaded word. 

I've never ever dieted before as I've never felt the need to (as I'm lazy and love food too much) but lately I've had this overwhelming desire to really push myself this year and get as trim and buff as I possibly can.

Maybe it's because of all the hours I spent trawling through instagram and stalking fitness fanatics or maybe it's because of all the beautiful men at my gym right now. I can't quite put my finger on it.

Currently I'm following a few 'guidelines' I've slung together myself to help me make this whole body modification go as smoothly as possible.

1. Eat smaller portions - girl, you do not need seconds, sit yo' ass down
2. Do not treat myself for having a good or bad day - Stop associating food with feelings!
3. Do not eat late at night - pretty self explanatory 
4. Do not eat sugar (this is a very lax guideline, I still eat it, just only about once or twice a week)
5. Count those dreaded calories - a great app for this is My Fitness Pal
6. Workout 4-5 days a week, each day focuses on a different body part/area - get that booty!
7. No white rice, white bread, potatoes etc - Ban those naughty carbs 
8. Plan meals - failing to plan is planning to fail
9. No takeaways or fast food - They're never as good as you imagined anyway

and probably the most important one 

10. If you really, really, really, desperately want to eat something bad, like a cookie or a cake or something naughty and delicious, have it. 

It's fine. 

I don't want to punish myself and then end up having a massive binge because I've been dreaming about a Big Mac for two weeks, I'd rather eat that one bad thing then know I can work it off easily.


After getting a Nutribullet at Christmas and using it every day for a month, I cannot emphasise how amazing this thing is. Boy, does that thing pack a punch! Every morning for two weeks I've had a smoothie for breakfast. It's quick, simple, tasty and healthy which means I'm getting all my five a day in one drink. How do you like them apples?

The main ingredients I use in all my smoothies are:

Dash of honey
Dash of orange juice

On top of those ingredients, I can add any one or more of the below:


Here, have four photos of delicious green slime.

Spring Clean and ear lobes

After having a good sort out of my room, I finally got all my tunnels together in one place. At last! It's only taken around ten years.

Whilst sorting these out, I made a very snap decision to reduce the size of my ears from 22mm to 18mm (maybe even 16mm, I couldn't read the ruler). So after about five years of having them at 22mm, I've shrunk them, which was a really sad and momentous day for me, even though no one else even noticed! I don't think I'll go any smaller for now but equally, I'd never go above 22mm...I don't think my lobes could take it.

During the spring clean, I also realise I have a lot of samples to use...woops!


It was my best mates birthday last weekend, which could only mean a couple of things; food and drinking. And by gosh, we did him proud.

This was the birthday cake I made for him, a cheeky little GOT reference...

And I don't know how this happened but my mate whose birthday is was, ended up making me dinner?!? Worst friend award goes to me...

If it helps, I made the guacamole there on the left. What? It didn't help? Oh...

A few nights later we then went out for his birthday drinks and I probably had one of the best nights I've had in ages. There was a massive group of us, people were dancing, everyone was merry (drunk) I got a few free drinks from a lovely barman ;) and it was just a great night full of happiness and zero drama.

As you get older, these kind of nights come fewer and further between so when they do eventually rear their beautiful head, you will be very glad you were out!

All in all, it was a fabulous night full of stupid dance moves, serious conversations, booze and love. 


Such a happy birthday boy

I would just like to point out that this selfie was taken at 5am after the night out. I'm feeling super proud of myself and the 700 makeup touches I did throughout the night were clearly worthwhile.

And finally, I will leave you with this beautiful hazy blue sky (yes, that's the sky) at 5pm a few days ago. It was the first day I've left work and it was still light out...get in! Spring/Summer is nearly here and I cannot wait! There are a lot of things I have planned and are currently in the works. 

Roll on the longer days, warmer climate and fun filled adventures! 



  1. Nice countryside pictures at the top!

    1. Thank you!!! That was an especially cold morning :) haha x


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