Wednesday 6 April 2016

Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday // Big News

Around a month ago, like most days, I found myself scrolling through my Twitter ideally skimming over hundreds of tweets, when I happened to gaze upon a wondrously epic tweet.

It was from Makeup Revolution stating that if bloggers wanted to come to their 2nd Birthday event, all they had to do was send over their details to their email address.

Quickly, I gathered all my links and wrote a pleading email stating why I would be an asset at their event but I'll be honest, I didn't hold out much hope for a reply. When I looked at the hashtag (#revolutionbirthday) and saw all the ladies attending the event, I felt WAY out of place. They were all beautiful, blonde, beauty bloggers who oozed confidence and then there was me...hmmm.

However, to my surprise I got a reply and a RSVP! 

It's always nice to attend beauty and bloggers events but this one was especially important to me. I've been using Makeup Revolution products since they first swaggered on to the beauty scene and I've loved them ever since. Not only do they create innovative products but they do so at amazing prices (for crying out loud, you can buy a lippy for a £1!)

But the main reason I wanted to attend this event was because Makeup Revolution are cruelty free. I have been on a mission for the last 6 months to buy only cruelty free products and it's brand like Makeup Revolution that make this transition super easy.

Like the massive saddo I am, I attended the event alone, but lucky for me I bumped into Lauren and Abi in the beginning of the evening, so I didn't feel super out of place! They introduced me to the lovely Tess and eventually we both introduced ourselves to the wonderful Charlotte! I ended up spending the entire night with Tess and Charlotte and it turned out to be such a pleasant evening. So much so, us 3 even ended up going for a cheeky Nandos afterwards!

Right! I don't want this to be a lengthy blog where I spout loads of nonsense and don't get to the point, so here they are, the highlights of Makeup Revolutions 2nd birthday party!

Lets start with the most exciting part first. Makeup revolution are hosting a makeup competition and you better be prepared to be blown away! As a lover of all things Youtube and beauty, I have followed the NYX'S Face Awards for the last 5 years. They have hosted a competition in the US for up and coming beauty gurus who have won absolutely astonishing prizes and now, Makeup Revolution are doing the same! I think I squealed with joy when they announced the competition at the party. If you want more details on the competition, have a watch of my Makeup Revolution Birthday Vlog below! Also, it's worth noting, the prizes have now doubled! The Runners up will received £2,000 and the winner will receive a whopping £20,000!!!! (Swoon!)

Makeup Revolution App
Yes, that's right! Makeup Revolution now have an app. Not only does it show you up and coming products, it shows new available products, stockists around the country and gives you makeup inspiration and tutorials! Phew! That's a lot for an app that's free!

Adam Minto's Speech
I have to say, this was one of the most impassioned, genuine, insightful speeches I've ever heard in my entire life (and I've sat through a lot of business meetings in my time). Adam Minto is the founder of Makeup Revolution and I doubt I'd be able to do any justice to what Adam said but I wanted to say a huge thank you to him and Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution works with and appreciate bloggers. They don't treat us like blaggers like some brands do and they realise the true potential/value good bloggers have. Not only this, he spoke so highly of women in general and showed delight and pride when speaking about his wife, a high achieving business woman. I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Adam at the end of the evening and he was a pleasure to talk to. If you watch my video you'll see how handsy I get when I talk to people (not in a perverted way).

All in all, it was a very wonderful evening full of fantastic beauty products, beautiful bloggers and enthusiastic founders.
May more brands be like Makeup Revolution!


  1. What a brilliant event!! I love this brand so much, just amazing! Glad you had a nice time hun!
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    1. It really was! Thank you sweetheart!! xx


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