Monday 27 January 2014

QVC 2014 Beauty Bash

Apologies for the hold up! I have been one busy bee this weekend!

Any hoozles…

The QVC 2014 Beauty Bash.

I was very fortunate to win two tickets to this year’s beauty bash at Old Billingsgate in London. As I hadn't been before (or even heard of it) I had no idea what to expect. Before I went, I trawled for hours on the internet looking for some information about the 2013 one, but I sadly I didn’t find anything! So I was going with an open mind!

I already knew who I wanted to bring on this exciting day out, my Mum. As she is a QVC addict, it would have seemed odd not too!

This is us before we set off (haha excuse my mum)

We set off (a bit later than expected) on our adventure but we seemed to arrive in no time at all (thanks to the central line for no delays!)

The monument outside Monument station!

Once we got our bearings and knew where to head, upon turning one corner we knew we were in the right place….the 400 or so women standing outside a building gave it away!

The queue was enormous, with no sign of moving! But we wandered along the sea of women and joined the back of the line and begun to wait patiently. The queue was buzzing full of lovely nattering women and it was obviously a sight to be seen, vans, lorries and taxis drivers were all stopping looking quite perplexed! (Probably trying to understand why so many women were congregated together?!!)

The enormous queue :(

Mum and me in the queue!

The queue began moving quickly enough and within about twenty minutes we were entering the building and putting our coats in the cloak room.

We entered the main room, which was large and bright with high ceilings, supported by large iron beams. It was beautiful. Like an old warehouse that had been lovingly restored. It was the perfect setting.

We had only been there for two minutes, and as always, the old dear needed to use the ladies. So whilst she popped off, I decided to take a look around. The entire building was dotted with kiosks for different brands. On first glance, I could see stands for Bareminerals, OPI and Benefit (it was very similar to a Debenhams layout – if you catch my drift), but honestly, there were dozens. So as I trotted off and looked at some of the stands near the ladies, immediately, at the first stand, I was approached by some lovely young woman handing me a free sample of a hair mask, so I gracefully accepted her offer and of course, asked for one for my mum!

So, it then suddenly sunk in, THIS was what this entire day was for: To promote and hand out samples and treatments to QVC viewers.  (I know, I know, I’m slow on the uptake – but honestly, I had no idea what to expect!)

After my mum had returned and I explained the situation, we went from booth to booth and spoke to many lovely people about their brands. Some brands we knew, some we didn’t, but it was great to hear what they all did and speak to the representatives.  Not all brands gave samples, but that wasn't a problem, but it was all part of the experience.

I was very excited to read that the company Ciate (nail polish) would be there, but it honestly, it took me nearly two hours to find them! They were tucked away upstairs, with no sign stating their company, just a table with two lovely, lonely girls sitting with a few of their products – that was it. I had actually walked past them a few times, as they seemed to blend into the backdrop! I was so excited when I eventually found them and to see their new products (one of which is this amazing collection - - which I will be purchasing very soon) and have a chat with the lovely ladies but honestly Ciate…common! You guys are incredible; I wish you put more of an effort in to show case your amazing items to the QVC viewers!

The Rituals stand was amazing. It had so much to show and was laid out perfectly. The lady there (sorry, I didn’t get her name, but she manages a shop in St Pancras I think) was amazing. She gave my mother a de-stressing head, shoulder and back massage and gave me a hand massage. She also gave us a full size hand cream each that smells divine.

The ladies on the Prai counter couldn’t have been more welcoming. The company’s owner actually came out into the crowd and grabbed my mum and me to get some freebies! She gave us a hand cream and a nail kit! She was funny and quick witted and I’ll be happy to buy from this woman in the future!

The Benefit counter wasn’t as good as I had hope and sadly the ladies didn’t seem well versed in any of the products. They had also run out of the POREfessional range to try on people who were interested. Maybe I should have gone a bit earlier, but to be honest, I can always go to my local Debenhams and find them there, so I wasn't too disappointed.

The ladies at Liz Earle were also very friendly and generous, handing my mum and me a muslin cloth and cleanser to try out straight away and giving us a lot of details on the benefits of using it.

I’m also very excited to try out my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Shampoo! The ladies on this booth let my mum and me know out hair type, what we can do for better hair and also, an introduction on their products.  

But the highlight of my day must have been the OPI stand. There were samples being handed out everywhere, and the ladies behind the counter were all smiling and friendly. They were doing free manicures with some amazing colors from their collection, and even though my mum and I were one of the last ones in the queue before closing time, they still got us done! The nail technicians were lovely, friendly and complete professionals! The lady who brought the franchise over from America and owns the UK rights was there, with her two daughters (one of which presents OPI on QVC). This lady got speaking to my mum for ages and in the end, the lady was very generous and kind, that she gave my mother so many mini free samples of polishes, hand creams and much more – she went above and beyond! (Obviously, my mum got me some too!)

If all of the freebies and treatments weren’t enough, upon leaving, we each got a massive goodie bag to take home! They were very heavy and full to the brim of amazing goodies. We were blown away by how much we got!

We also got to meet a few celebrities ;)

My Mum and John Barrowman

John Barrowman and me :)

My mum and Craig Rowe from QVC

My Mum and Andrew Bagley from Gatineau

Now, if you have never been to a QVC Beauty Bash, I suggest you get your bums to next year’s one! It was an amazing day and all the customers and brands were all friendly and chipper! I couldn’t of asked for a better experience and my mum is still beaming from all her goodies! All my opinions I have expressed here are my own and I have not been paid to say anything other than how I feel (but obviously, I have received many free samples). I apologize for missing any brands out, but I just wanted to include my favorites from the day.

The Haul! 64 goodies in total I think! Which includes, Bareminerals bronzer, Liz Earle hand cream and treatmentPhilosophy body cream, Prai handcreamRituals foaming body wash, Mally eye liner, Stilla lip gloss/stain, Strivectin night cream, OPI nail varnishes, Nails Inc nail varnish and so much more!

Did any of you go to the Beauty Bash? If so, who were your favorite brands of the day? Did you enjoy yourself as much as I did? If you didn’t go – would you go next year?

Leave your answers in the comment section below.



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