Wednesday 22 October 2014

Competition Wins

Good morning lovelies.

Well, autumn is fully upon us, the cold weather is settling in, the leaves are crisp and orange and the last bit of Hurricane Gonzalo has finally passed over London. Hurrah for autumn!

I haven't done a competition post in a few months now, so I thought I should update the ol’ blog with a few of my winnings. I did have a post planned a few months back but my laptop decided to die with all the photos of my winnings and so I had to start all over again. Bugger.

It’s going to seem like a lot of wins, I’m aware of that, but this is around six month worth of competition prizes soooooo…..yeahhhhh….

On with the blog!

Binky - Twitter competition - I won this amazing set of nail varnishes from Binky worth around £170! I've done several nail art looks with these already, which will be included in a separate blog, but I'm still in shock everytime I see them in my polish collection!

Intu - Twitter competition - I won £25 to spend at Intu online so I bought these snazzy items.

Lakeside Hotel - Twitter competition - I won these cute Rosemary Mint body wash & lotion!

Goddiva - Twitter Competition - I was lucky enough to be able to pick any dress from their Celebrity inspired collection, so I chose this absolutely stunning, vampy dress inspired by Eva Mendez and it's currently on their site priced at £36. It's a lacey, figure hugging beauty that has a wonderful vintage look and feel about it.I can't wait to wear it at my Christmas party and friends wedding this year <3

Soletrader - Twitter Competition - I won these exquisite Vivienne Westwood/Anglomania + Melissa shoes worth £100. I've had these on my wishlist for years and now I have them! Yay!

VitaCoco -Twitter competition - I won this case of Vita Coco's new coconut water drink with a hint of lemonade. I have to say, it was delicious! I shared these out with my friends and family and everyone gave it beaming reviews. It was so refreshing during the summer time and it's such a perfect twist on a classic drink. This case was worth around £19.

Tesco clubcard UK - Twitter competition - I still can't believe I won a Hudl and I still can't believe how much I love it. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of an Apple fiend; my phone, mp3 player and laptop are all Apple products, so I didn't know what to expect with the Hudl, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It's fast, simple to use, has great apps and it's so versatile, I could never be without one again! This little cheeky number was worth £110, but is now on offer at £79! Bargain!

Look Magazine - Twitter competition - Look at how prettily packaged these Rocco nail varnishes are! They're worth around £36 and I've included some looks below using these polishes (excluding the Mushroomy pearlescent one). Please note, I also put a matte top coat on top of the pink one in the below photo.

USC - Twitter competition - I won this cute Nordic Blue Mi backpack worth £21

Le Creuset - Twitter competition - I won this cute little pie set worth around £43. I could of chosen the traditional Le Creuset colours but I went for this simple one instead :)

No1 Currency and Hello Mag - Twitter Competition - I won this amazing Longchamp luggage set which includes a medium bag, a large bag and an Ipad case. I could of gone for their signature colour, which is blue, but I'm silly and I went for the red one instead. I kind of regret it a bit but I think this colour will be amazing for next summer. This set is worth £250.

W7 - Twitter competition - I won this cute little set worth around £10 from W7. Sadly, when it arrived, it wasn't packaged that great and so the eyeshadow palette smashed a bit, which you can see below. Sad times.

Skin Doctors - Twitter competition - I absolutely love Skin Doctors products, their one of my favourite brands. I had a choice of several ranges that I could pick from, but recently I've started to notice quite deep lines appearing on my forehead from laughing and from the stupid faces I pull, so I opted for their Anti Aging range. I've just started using these products so I'm excited to see if they will make any difference. Fingers crossed. I think this was all worth around £120.

Toni & Guy - Twitter Competition - I was one of the runners up in a recent competition Toni & Guy held. Goodness knows what the main prize was, because I was so shocked that I won hair straighteners! They said it would be a heat styling product but I thought they meant a serum or spray or something?! Not straighteners! I only got them this weekend so I can't wait to try these bad boys out and put them to the test. These are worth from £29 - 56 - such a difference?!

Hello Mag - Twitter competition - Primping with the Star set by Benefit - I still cannot believe I won this set. I've been wanting to try it out since it came out! I gave the foundation to my mum, as it was far too dark for my skin but I recently ran out of benetint and I've been dying to try the 'They're Real' mascara, so I am one happy little benefit lady with this. This set is worth £26.50

Iron & Velvet - Twitter competition - I won this Antibacterial surface cleaner in Coconut and lime. As a clean freak, I love this type of stuff, so I'm happy as larry with this beauty. This is worth around £8.

Beauty Shortlist - LesIndiennes 'gift set' - Don't get me wrong, I love a prize, but the photo of the prize was completely different to what I actually received, odd? Anyway, I didn't compain and kept these 7 soaps from Milan and so far, my mum has been loving them. I've decided not to use the Love Kills or the Cat one as I like the packaging too much...(what a loser). This is all worth around £52

Anyway, that's it for now. What has been your best win so far? Let me know in the comments below!

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