Wednesday 11 March 2015

L'orchidee Champagne Afternoon Tea

If you're not aware, I enter a heck load of competitions.

A lot of the time this hobby is tedious, frustrating and very time consuming, but sometimes, pays off.

At the end of January I received an email from Gemporia about a competition of theirs I had entered back in December. Supposedly, a winner was picked for a prize but the person never got in contact with them so instead they chose me as the winner (sad for the original person, but great for me!)

They told me I had won Champagne afternoon tea at L'orchidee Boutique Patisserie in the Westfield in 
Shepherds Bush

As I live only a few minutes from Shepherds Bush I was unbelievably chuffed that I had won such a lovely prize so close to me! Champagne, tea, scones, cakes…what could be better?

After booking a reservation with L'orchidee, I decided to bring my sister along with me to enjoy the prize as well. So off we popped one sunny Sunday afternoon to go have a little champagney treat!

First things first (must not quote Iggy) everything about this experience was perfect; the food, the tea, the staff, everything! It can sometimes be very awkward or hard to explain to staff members that you’re a prize winner and give them information on what you’ve won, but at L'orchidee they were all very polite and well informed that my sister and I were receiving complimentary afternoon tea.

We only had to wait a couple of minutes before being served our array of savoury & confectionary goodness!

Firstly, we tucked into their selection of sandwiches which included brie and tomato, egg, beef and rocket, salmon and salad and chutney; which was lovely variation of scrumptious sandwiches (FYI, the chutney one was easily my favourite!)

Let's face it though, I wasn't there for the sandwiches, so as soon as we could, we dove into eating the most beautiful looking cakes I ever did saw.

I had really high hopes for the yellowly/purple cake, because, well, just look at it! But infact the best ones were the hazelnut ones and the macaroons!

As sacrilegious as it may sound, I'm not usually a fan of macaroons but 
L'orchidee macaroons were delectable, they were soft and chewy and oozed perfection! 

But I'll be honest, the real show stoppers were their heavenly scones! They were warm, soft, light and tasty; absolutely delicious! Paired with fresh clotted cream (drools) and a pot of jam, they were easily my favourite treat of the day (aside from the champagne of course).

I was unaware before I visited, but L'orchidee have a selection of specialty teas.

 ADORE tea and as I don't drink coffee, I find it difficult to find places that have a selection of different yummy teas. Considering I spend a lot of my time in Westfields, I am so happy that I now know that L'orchidee has such a beautiful selections of teas so I can just pop in there at anytime and try a new one out!

This time round I chose their beautifully light and floral L'orchidee French Blend with Jasmine, Lavender and Earl Grey Ceylons.

The staff were attentive and polite and the food was absolutely delicious. I'm so incredibly happy that I was chosen to win such a lovely prize and I'd like to thanks both Gemporia and L'orchidee for such a wonderful experience.



  1. This looks GREAT! I am very jealous. I also LOVE a macaron at the best of times! xx

    1. They were super delicious! Their macaroons may have converted me! haha! xx

  2. Awww am sooo jealous! I need to start entering in more competitions, I recently won a giveaway and it made my month! x

    1. Awww well done!! What did you win?

      It's lovely winning! Adds a bit of spice to normal days! xx


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