Tuesday 10 March 2015

Valentines in Camden Town

I wholeheartedly realise that I am nearly a month late for a Valentines post, but I'm doing a quick catch up of blogs at the moment and I wanted to document how I spent the day of love.

I for one love Valentines day, even as a singleton. I love the cards, I love the smushiness, I love watching nearly every fella trotting around with bouquet of flowers in one hand and chocolates in the other. What can I say? I just love love.

(What a creep)

Anyway, my Valentines day was spent with my good friend Khadija bounding around Camden town. This was her first time ever visiting Camden town (I know, right? Sacrilegious) so I thought I'd give her a guided tour.

I showed her the delights of a few markets, including Camden Market, The Stables and Camden Lock and then dazzled her with the weirdness that seems to spread like wildfire here.

Then once I had dazzled her with Camden's business, eccentricity and charm, we popped into a cute little Italian restaurant called Al Parco near Camden town tube station. I've never been to this cute little restaurant before but I would highly recommend it. Tucked away on a side street, it has very reasonable prices, beautifully fresh food, great staff and a lovely atmosphere.

I tend to take pizza very seriously and after spending a good while in Italy, I can be a bit of a pizza snob. However, Al Parco is
 easily one of the best pizzerias I've been to outside of Italy and I cannot wait to visit there again.

After our romantic valentines meal (cheeky) we popped off to a photo booth to take same really awful photos together. If you can't tell, we didn't know when our photos were going to be taken, so these happened...awkward.

Did you know Camden has a Wholefoods? I may have popped in there too...


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