Wednesday 26 February 2014

February Resolutions update - Wow I did bad...


Well, it’s nearing that time again for me to feel bad about myself and realise I’m doing badly at this!

But does that mean I’m going to give up? No!!

In reality should I give up? Probably…

(But I won’t)

Though I may not complete every single tiny, ickle, bitty, witty resolution for each month; I am trying! (I know it sometimes might not look that way!) 

Even though they’re not exactly the most exciting resolutions, I really am enjoying them all.

They make me think in advance about my time and how I plan my days/week/months/year! At least each month isn’t just flying by without me hitting some sort of milestone (regardless how small it maybe). 

I’m just one of those people who can just fall easily in to a routine of doing royally F all for a very long time and then, BAM, wouldn’t you know it, another year has passed.

So these resolutions are helping me not waste my time...I guess?

Any resolutions I don’t actually complete within the specified month, I’m not just going to forget about, they WILL get pulled over to the next month and the month after that until it’s completed! 

No resolution shall be left behind.

So February focused on trying new things, specifically food! (never a bad thing)...but it’s actually a lot harder than people think! Once I told people about the foods I haven’t tried I get the whole, ‘What? Really? You haven’t tried (INSERT REALLY OBVIOUS FOOD THAT I SHOULD OF TRIED BY NOW)?!?!?!’ Shock, horror, gasp!

I think I just got to a certain age or routine in my life where I continued to eat what I’m used to and/or what I liked and slowly but surely all the new and exciting foods out there just got overlooked.

Old habits die hard chicas.

To be fair on myself though, I was vegan for nearly five years and vegetarian for another five, so I have tried A LOT of different food and cuisine, but I guess some really obvious foody treats just got missed along the way!

But alas, I gave it a go and I'll continue on with trying new things and documenting it :)

Some things (like the salmon and prawns) I really did NOT want to try, but I just had to do it, I had to make my own opinion of them, but then some other food items on my list I couldn’t actually find (such as star fruit and dragon fruit). My assumption is that they are out of season at the moment, so this resolution shall be carried over to the next following months to ensure I try more different food/dishes when they are eventually available.

So here’s the list again – with one added extra to the original list as I forgot about them - PRAWNS

Kiwi – This was one of the first foods I tried. Yeh, yeh, I know…’BUT WHY HAVEN’T YOU TRIED IT?!?!’…blah blah blah – I’m sorry! Forgive me!?!

I actually really loved Kiwis. The one I had was super sour (which I love) so I’ll be happy to continue nomming them.

Sushi – If you follow me on twitter (if you don’t – why the heck not?) you’ll know I’ve been quite sick these last few days and the plan was to have it the weekend just gone, so once I’m better, I’ll be ready for some Sushi!

Star Fruit – Not in season at the moment so this will have to wait!

Dragon fruit – Tis the season? No, it’s not the season…NEXT

Salmon – I tried Salmon in a homemade fish pie last week. All the fish was nice & fresh and all that jazz but I’m afraid Salmon gets a massive thumbs down from me. I found it too fishy and the consistency is something I just couldn't get used to! Don't get me wrong, I ate the entire plate (waste not, want not) but I wouldn't be eating this again out of choice...

(not my own photo)

Battered Mars Bar – Don’t ask me how or why I haven’t tried this yet…I can buy one in my lunch break which I will do once I’m better!

Smores (YUM!) – Again, so ashamed I haven’t tried this yet…but oh…I will…with BELLS on!

Asparagus – This was the second foodie type for me to try on my list and the results are in….

I LOVED ASPARAGUS! I love all my greens really and this one didn’t fail to disappoint! But oh boy, the tales are right…you know about the…you know…the…after you eat it…you..wait?…you don’t know what I’m talking about? Oh…go google it…

Kale – Haven’t tried it yet…oops.

Lobster - ….again….not tried this yet…will do soon cap’in

Pumpkin Pie – I really need to bake this as I haven’t found out where I can buy this in the UK so I have yet to try this!

Calamari – I’m been putting this one off for sometime…I’ll do it though :(

Set Honey – Can’t wait to do this one :)

Tuna - Haven’t tried it yet…

Chocolate wrapped in pancake – It’s Shrove Tuesday soon! So I’ll try this one then :)

Sweet potato pie – Again…I don’t know if I can buy this in the UK so I’ll have to bake it…

Goji Berry – I tried Goji Berries very early on in the month and my thoughts are…not the greatest fruit out there! I know they’re supposed to be superfoods and what not, but there was not much flavor or fruity pulp, it was just like eat something soft and grainy…not something I’d write home about…

Prawns – I tried these at the Brit awards last week. My sister who came with me to the Brit Awards loves prawns and said the ones we had there were really good quality. In spite of this of this fact, I still disliked them…a lot. They were almost a flaky texture and they were extremely soft too. I could probably eat them even if I didn't have any teeth! (I am not selling this am I?)…I just wasn’t a fan.

So I only tried a whole  5 out of 17? - My bad..

Now, lets look at what naughty foods I got distracted with this month....(oh lord)...I can see why healthy options get completely overlooked with these beauties around...

I don't even have much of a sweet tooth believe it or not...but there's something about Merican' sweets I love.

(p.s I only bought one pack of the Pop Tarts - The smores ones...absolutely no regrets)

(p.p.s The oreos were bought for me as a Valentines Day gift, so I HAD to eat them....)

Takeaway free month


Yeh, so I failed…I failed hard!

I won’t lie, I had a burger king AND a Mc Donalds this month…but no takeaway pizzas or curry’s or anything like that…just the odd naughty drive through…

I clearly have a problem…

Treat my feet once a month for a year 

The girls are getting a treat tonight! Mani and pedi along with a foot massage. YAY!

Go to the Tower of London

My fingers are firmly crossed that I am better for the weekend so I can do this. But yes, I leave these outings to the end of the month as that’s when I get paid so I’ll do a separate blog about this mini adventure like I did before for the National Gallery.

Go swimming three times this month

Holy jebus I have not even thought about this one at all.

As I’m sick with a chest infection, swimming would not be the best exercise for me to do at the moment, you know, in case I decide to drown and all that…

How I've spent nearly two weeks...

But I will rectify this! Once I’m well again, I’m doing swimming three times over two weeks!

1 hour workout everyday (1 rest day a week)

Ho ho ho ho…..Holy mary…I did not even attempt to work out ONCE this month!!!!! What is the matter with me?! Maybe I’m aiming to high for 6 days a week? For March I’ll aim a little bit , like 

3 days and week and for forty minutes…It may seem like I’m slacking but it’ll mean I’ll have no excuse not to do it!


Oh my, can you believe it?

I actually completed one!

*the crowd goes wild*

And without bragging too much, I didn’t buy any clothes in January OR February as well! 

I have said to myself that before I can buy any new or pretty things I need to either sell, donate or swap my unwanted clothes instead of chucking them away. I just can't let them go to a seems so wrong considering there's absolutely nothing wrong with them!

That'll probably be a whole different blog post though...

So right, overall conclusion? February didn’t go that well! But alas, I am only human, I will fail, I will make mistakes, I guess it's all part of the journey. Not to mention that all the resolutions I haven’t completed this month will be pulled over into March…great!

I really need to try harder!


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