Saturday 22 February 2014

The Brit Awards 2014

Sorry for my massive lack of writing this week, I've honestly had so much going on it's been nearly impossible to write anything at all!

But alas, as I'm held up in bed with a cold, I thought, hey, why not do that thing you're supposed to do as part of your resolutions, you lazy git!

So here goes:

On Monday morning I received an email that I genuinely thought was a joke:

‘Hi blessed_by,

You’ve won x2 VIP to the 2014 Brit Awards…

Sorry, come again? When did I even enter this competition?

I had completely forgotten about it and not to mention I didn't actually think I had a chance to win. Also, the Brit Awards were on that Wednesday…surely there wouldn't be enough time to sort my tickets and what not out?

I searched and searched for the competition I had supposedly entered to win these tickets and then bam, I found it; I was definitely the winner.

Full details of the event were emailed to me the next day; what to wear, when to show up and what to expect, but even though I was given a lot of information about the event, I was still quite nervous about going - I just had an awful feeling we wouldn’t get in.

I decided to bring my middle sister with me, Emma - Even though we’re not completely into all pop music (or whatever you want to call it – popular culture maybe?) I knew she would appreciate the event as much as me.

We both booked a half day off from work to get ready in time, as we needed to be at the O2 Arena at 5pm, though I somehow managed to become my sisters own personal hair stylist and makeup artist which meant it took me double the time to get ready! :@ Thanks Em.

After the massive kerfuffle that was getting ready, we set off later than expected, but as I live in London we were lucky to arrive on time.

Emski outside the O2 Arena - TOURIST SHOTS! 
Me being a diva outside the O2 Arena - TOURIST SHOT #2!
I was still so nervous once we had arrived at the O2 – I just couldn’t believe I could have won such an amazing prize, so when we went to collect our tickets and everything went smoothly, I soon settled into the event.

Red Carpet!
What I woreWe were then directed to the ‘Sapphire’ VIP area and then shown to our private suite.Once we got in the room my mouth dropped in awe! We had such an amazing view of the entire arena and we weren’t far from all the action. Once all the celebs started arriving at their tables, it was kind of easy to make out some of them (like all the boys from One Direction).
View from our suite - sweet!
Our suite was hosted by the company who I won the tickets with – Transmitter TV (though actually I won my tickets through the Huffington Post on behalf of Transmitter TV) so we had two representatives from the company with us. Apart from the representatives, my sister and I were the first to arrive so we had this entire room to ourselves for a little while.

Inside the suite - buffet galore.
We were greeted with a glass of champagne and shown around the suite; there was a private bar and buffet, along with private seating – it was amazing.

The me and u
The noms!

After some chit chat with some other competition winners we all tucked into the food, which was absolutely incredible!

Din dins with a view - I know the food looks a mess - I ruined it by slamming it on my plate - oops
I tried a few things I had never before such as a prawn! (I know...I’m weird... judge away) but I didn't enjoy it -  it was an odd texture and taste…(I don’t think I’ll be trying prawns again too soon).

Best performances?

Elle Goulding was pretty good – I’m not a fan of her music but her performance was full of fire and pyrotechnics and as I’m easily entertained by a spectacle, she gets a huge thumbs up from me.

I have a bit of a girl crush on Katy Perry as well and I also love the song ‘Dark Horse’ so I was happy as a clam when she came on and performed that.

Obviously, Queen B was amazing to see – I did wish she performed a more upbeat song and did a proper routine but hey, I can’t really complain too much.

Bastille and Rudimental joint performance was amazing; Rudimental are natural entertainers and it was the first act of the night that everyone in the arena got up to dance, they were probably the best performance for me.

Worst performance?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Lorde; I love her album and every interview I’ve seen with her she comes across as a likeable young lady. However, I really did not enjoy her joint performance with Disclosure. I felt like there was no aim to incorporate an original beat behind her song Royals (it sounded like the same beat almost to their song ‘White Noise’, which was subsequently mixed into the performance). I felt this was a great time for Lorde to really showcase herself but she was not given the opportunity to do so. I’m not a music/marketing/PR expert, but as a fan of her, I just thought her performance wasn’t the greatest.

Arctic Monkeys opening performance

Once the main event had come to an end we made our way to the VIP after party which was also based in the O2 arena. There was free ice cream vans, a fun fair, fortune tellers, paint balling, karaoke, croquet, performers and dodgems – it was rammed with people.

Emma at the VIP party

First things first, we obviously went on the dodgems, which was nice to do at 10:30 on a Wednesday night. 

Dodgem central!

We then took a walk around the party and had a look at all the entertainment that was set up; there was a really vibrant atmosphere, but it was far too crowded for my liking and after one glass of wine we decided to head off home.

I didn’t meet any huge celebs, but I did meet two Youtubers I watch, danisnotonfire and Amazingphil – they were nice enough to have a photo with me :)


I did see pictures on twitter later that night that Lily Allen and Dappy showed up in the same area we were in, along with some other celebs, though I couldn’t care any less about celeb hunting.

We were in time to catch the last train home and we were so well behaved that evening that we didn’t have too much of a hangover the next day for work - so it worked out pretty well for us.

On the whole, it was an amazing afternoon/evening - genuinely, I couldn't fault a single thing.  I want to say a huge thank you to the Huffington Post UK Entertainment for picking me to win and also for Transmitter TV for hosting such a lovely event AND to the two lovely ladies from Transmitter TV who were so welcoming and sweet.

I'm now going to head back to bed to go cough my lungs up a little bit more.

I hope you're all well - what were you thoughts on this years Brit Awards?



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