Tuesday 4 February 2014

February Resolutions

Just as quickly as January came around, now February has sprung itself upon us; time seems to be flying by!

I think I had a very productive January, but there was much room for improvement when it came to my resolutions.

So February! I’m here to kick your butt! (Sorry February).

Some of Februarys resolutions are the same or similar to Januarys, as my overall theme this year is to be more healthy/fit and to also try and do new things I wouldn't go out of my way to do.

So here goes (queue the fanfare) Februarys Resolutionssssss:

Takeaway free month – This wasn't as hard as I thought it would be during January, so I’m continuing this resolution on to ensure my waist and bank balance do not feel the repercussions of naughty takeaways.

This month I’m making sure not one takeaway meal will be consumed! (I’m looking at you Burger King!) – All food must be homemade - anything else is considered a takeaway!

My main rule is to plan my meals ahead and to always have healthy snacks/food readily available. This stops me from becoming so hungry that I decide the best idea is to pop down my local McDonald’s for something quick and easy and to gorge on mouthfuls of regret!

No fizzy drinks – Sparkling water can be consumed instead...Lucky me.

Treat my feet once a month for a year – As mentioned, this is a continued resolution that I'm doing pretty well with. My feet will be stunners come summer time!

Go to the Tower of London – I know, I know, I hold my hands up and admit that I’m a Londoner whose never been to the Tower of London. I will remedy this as soon as possible - just look at how amazing it is.

Go swimming three times this month – I’m more than happy to do this resolution as I love swimming and I’m pretty good at it (meaning I’ve never drowned).

The rule for this resolution is to go swimming 3 times this month for 2 hours each time. I know I can achieve this and I'm more than happy to do it :)

1 hour workout everyday (1 rest day a week) AHHHHH! I hate this one already! I’m actually sulking just thinking about it.  But I have to do it, the future me will love past me for doing all this amazing working out and being super fit and healthy…

...sigh, I already dislike future me.

No buying cosmetics – USE ALL THE STUFF YOU BLOODY WELL HAVE! – This will be a tough one this month as I’m on my last drops of hair conditioner! What’s a girl to do? I will have to search high and low to see if I have any hiding away OR I’ll have to make some of my own with ingredients I already have…watch this space! 

Other than that, considering I think I'm giving Boots a run for their money with all the products I have, I think I'll be fine with everything else.

Run 6 miles in one go and time yourself – This is pretty self-explanatory – I’ll post my results on here so I’ll trying extra hard. I would like to aim for 45 minutes...but let's face it - I doubt I'll be even close to that!

Try a new food every day for a month - Thirty things I’d like to try – I've already been judged by so many people when I've mentioned what foods I haven't tried in my lifetime, so why not put the entire list on here and be judged a tiny bit more ;)

There are some blinders on this list that I really should have tried by now, but when I younger I used to be a very fussy eater and I didn't try things if I didn't like the look or smell of them. As I got older I just guess I got stuck in that mentality and never got round to trying them.

So this month I’m trying everything I've always put off trying or I’m intrigued to try. 

As you can see, I haven't got 28 different food items to try for the entire month – so if you want to suggest any, let me know in the comments below!

I also forgot about this resolution, so I need to catch up for three days already…

Also, you can probably see some of these foods or dishes are quite naughty and unhealthy so I am spreading the unhealthy ones out across the month and ensuring I do my working out to burn off those delicious but naughty calories. 

I can also do these in any order I like :)


Star Fruit
Dragon fruit

Battered Mars Bar
Smores (YUM!)


Pumpkin Pie
 Set Honey
Tuna (I would like to try Tuna Steaks and not tinned tuna!)

Chocolate wrapped in pancake – whisper, boost or caramel (This is supposedly a dish my boss cooks, so now I HAVE to try it)

Sweet potato pie

 Goji Berry – Tried on 03/02/2014 - Not the greatest flavor and not much pulp inside, I wouldn't recommend!

So that's it, Februarys resolutions are ready to go.

I'm excited for this month, but I do feel like I can do much more...let's see how I do this month and maybe for March, I might raise the stakes!


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